Social Media Post Ideas For Business

Social Media Post Ideas for Business

It’s not easy, but our Social Media Post Ideas for Business will help you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media is big business. It’s, therefore, no surprise that social media content can become a headache for many business owners. You may be just starting out in your social media content marketing journey, or maybe you’ve been going it alone for a while and you are now in need of some new inspiration, or you simply just need some ideas to keep your audience interested and your social media bursting with exciting and engaging posts. It can be difficult to keep the inspiration flowing, so you’ve turned to the internet to provide you with some ideas and you’ve come across this blog. Luckily for you, we’ve got some great social media post ideas for business along with hints and tips when it comes to content creation.

Creative block can be a nightmare, struggling to think of fresh ideas to post across your social channels takes valuable time out of your day and makes it a daunting task rather than something fun. We spend much of our week managing Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. We also spend lots of time creating content for business owners. We must ensure that we are using our time wisely. This is the same for any business owner. The most time effective way for any business to create content on social media is to have a plan. Once you have a plan you can begin to think about what, when and how you should post. This plan will help you to post consistently and persistently whilst still adding in the moment content.

A quick and simple rule to follow is the 80/20 rule; social media marketing shouldn’t be about the hard sell. It’s about building a relationship with your customer and encouraging your customer to interact with you. To help us achieve this we’ve been using the 80/20 rule when we are crafting content. 80% of what we post is content that we think the customer will be interested or can relate to and 20% of what we post is promoting services or products.

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20 Social Media Post Ideas for Business

If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further, we’ve listed 20 social media post ideas for business to feature across your profiles:

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to connect with your audience and find out what they want and need is to ask them, and they don’t necessarily have to be questions based on your products or services; you can get to know your audience by asking questions that lead to answers that provide you with information that can help you when collecting ideas for social media posts. What do they do in their spare time, what type of work do they do, do they have a family?

Show Behind the Scenes

Posting a video or image from behind the scenes of your business is a fresh way of attracting interest, it also shows potential customers how their products or services are created and what goes into them. Giving your audience an exclusive look into the running of your business can also help them get to know you, behind the scenes social media posts are a fantastic way of exhibiting your personality. Can you share a new delivery being unboxed or film the way you package an order? If you can… share it!

A Quote that Means Something

Do you have any favourite quotes that resonate with you? Posting quotes is another brilliant way of injecting your personality into your social media posts and they don’t have to be purely inspirational, you know your audience, so think about what type of post would connect with them; make them giggle with a humorous quote – ‘Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can’t see’. Make it personal and relate it back to something that is important to you or them.


While your business, services and products are obviously important to post about, recommendations are another great feature for social media post ideas. Can you recommend an app or a tool that you think your audience could benefit from? Can you relate it back to your business or products in some way. If you’re a personal trainer, can you recommend a good fitness tracker? A nursery or child minder, can you recommend a great activity to occupy the children? Or simply a business app that helps you in your business, that other owners could make use of? Helping others is a great way to connect with more people and show that you are an expert in your business.

Have Some Fun!

Social media post ideas for business don’t have to be boring! It’s said that laughter makes the world go round, so there is no surprise we recommend adding some light-hearted fun to your social media posts. Share content that will make your audience laugh; they will remember your post and possibly share it with or tag a friend, which will bring more eyeballs to your posts and bring people a bit of laughter to help break up their day. Whether it’s a meme, gif, joke, or limerick, we’re always sharing things we find funny and are always drawn to humour in marketing. Innocent smoothies are a great brand to look at when in need of some inspiration when it comes to humour in marketing if you’re in need of inspiration.

Social Media Post Ideas For Business - Recommend a colleague or influencer

Recommend a Colleague or Influencer

Can you recommend someone that you think your audience would like to follow? You know your following, if there is something or someone that you think they would enjoy, make that recommendation. Not only is it a good idea when you’re looking to break up sales posts, but it also encourages other businesses to recommend you. Building relationships with others is one of the main bases for social media posts and that doesn’t just apply to potential customers it can also apply to other businesses too.

Hold a Contest/Competition

Hosting a social media competition is a brilliant way to attract and engage audiences, grow awareness of a product, and increase purchase intent from potential customers. They can also be used to build an email list, drive traffic to your website/page. Or simply to reward your customers and bring them back for more. If you’ve seen competitions run on social media then you’ll know that they generate a lot of interest and engagement.

National Days & Events

Sharing specific holidays, national days and events across your page help you be part of bigger conversations, using specific days that carry their own hashtags allows you to connect with others who are talking about it too. When completing our clients monthly content planners, we use our handy monthly dates which are part of our social media essentials club package to include within the planner, choosing ones that relate to their business or personality. Think about dates that are key to your type of business. How could you use them to showcase you and your business? Every day is an awareness day for something, so it’s important to pick the ones that your audience can really relate to. Who knew that 19th September was “International Talk like a pirate day” Don’t get thrown overboard! Using our calendar also helps us see when is the optimum time to include focussed sales messages over the year, such as Black Friday deals, Back to School items and Valentine’s Day just to name a few.

Post a Poll

Would you rather, this or that, true or false; it’s as simple as that; creating simple interactive social media posts will help you gain engagement on posts, a simple answer required or simply liking/reacting to a post will gain more attention if people get involved. Relating it back to your sector and business type goes a long way too; we use these types of posts across a variety of clients within their social media content marketing. Remember not to go overboard – it is all about balance.

Company News

New hire, job vacancies, awards, business birthdays and any latest news coming directly from your company will help your audience get to know you and your business better than reading a potentially out of date ‘About us’ section on your website. Sharing the latest news with your audience helps you become a verified expert and can evidence what a credible company you are – providing not only the face behind the name, but also that your team/business is important to you.

Thank your Supporters

Who’s that one person or company that has always supported you throughout your business journey? Shout out to them, thank them for supporting you and encouraging you or interacting on your posts, it not only makes them feel good and will encourage others to join in, but it will also remind you that you’ve got a great support network around you!

Hold a Q&A Session

You may have covered your FAQ’s or answered certain questions via video or throughout your website content, but directly hosting a Q&A session across your social media platforms, whether you go live via Facebook or schedule a time and social channel that suits you and your audience. Holding a question-and-answer session means that potential customers can ask you exactly what they want to know and get an answer directly. This could prove to be an important insight into what other customers might like to know. Are these questions answered on your website? Can you break them down and share them as social media posts?

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Post an Excerpt from a Blog

Why not try writing a blog or an article that you can use as the focus for this month? If you’ve already got some great blogs uploaded to your website, whether old or new, it could just take a quick update to share it again, and again, and again… so long as the content remains relevant and still applies to your audience, just because you’ve shared it once doesn’t mean it won’t prove helpful to your audience another time. If you don’t have any blogs written, why not try writing a blog or an article that you can use as the focus for the month. You could break this down into useful snippets and share them with your audience. Your website will thank you for it! If you need any extra help creating the perfect blog, we can create one for you for just drop us an email to

Hold a Flash Sale or Promotion

Whether you’ve got a stockpile of older products and you need to make room for a new collection, you have a service you would like to promote or there’s a job you’d love to do more of, why not release a flash sale or promotion? Reduce the price or offer 2-for-1 and you may find yourself inundated with orders or enquiries, which is ultimately the end goal.

Post Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The best form of marketing is word of mouth, having real customers making real recommendations about you and your business is a great feeling and incredibly important. Share a recent review, any potential customer will be happy to listen to any testimonials regarding your business, proving once again that you are a credible business. Don’t forget to say thank you, comment back on any reviews, whether positive or negative – you will only learn from honest reviews.

Company Cultures

What makes your business what it is? Share your values and company cultures with your audience to help them build a clearer picture on how your business works and what it is like to work with you or to purchase your product.

Industry News

What’s going on in your sector? If you’re in the fulfilment sector, are there any updates on shipping and Brexit; If you’re a PT, has there been a new fitness craze that actually works? Think about what makes a difference in your company and the way it’s run and comment on it, feature a news article or simply give an update from your point of view.

Tips and Advice

Most people use social media to research helpful hints and tips or to get answers to questions, try to capitalise on this and give hints and tips in your area of expertise. If you’re and Estate Agent, can you offer advice on buying or selling a home. If you run a garden centre, can you provide tips on when you should be doing things in your garden? Simple and easy or more in depth and specific, people are grateful for any type of advice they can get, think about your audience and think about what problem you could solve for them.


Using video in your social media posts can improve the numbers of people seeing your content. While it may not be your favourite thing to do on social media, you may prefer to be heard and not seen it can help you get seen by a wider audience. Think of ways you can share a video with your audience that gets your message across to really get them considering using your business – a video, an animation, a slideshow or simply a how-to, it’s all video content.

Social Media Posts Ideas For Business- Video

Conversation Starters

Have some fun with conversation starters.  We recently took part in the Twitter chat #Covhour. We asked the question “Which was your first mobile phone” we added a photo and Kate spent the next hour talking to people about battery life and how on earth we coped before the smartphone. Now, we know we weren’t talking about social media or marketing, but we were talking and networking with others. This for us worked a lot better than a tweet that said: “buy our stuff we’re great”.

Planning Content

Preparing your monthly content can be daunting, overwhelming and a creative block is no fun, but hopefully, we’ve managed to inspire your social media posts and given you some ideas to work with. One of the easiest ways to see how your content will be spread across the month is by using a content planner, we use the same plan for each of our clients and we set it out for each month in advance. It has proven to be so useful time after time. But, we won’t just keep the secret to ourselves, it’s available as part of our club. Find out more here…

We’re always preaching about staying persistent and consistent, just because your reach may have dropped this month, doesn’t mean you won’t be seen next month. Algorithms are always changing, which can make it more difficult to be seen, but continuing to update your social media is a must.

If you run out of social media post ideas for business, we also produce monthly blogs based on the holidays, events and national days that will fall in the following month, we don’t stop there either, we also give hints and tips on how to post about them and also how to relate it back to your business. We upload these blogs early so if you’re looking to get ahead when it comes to your social media marketing then look no further than our blog inventory, here are the shortcuts for each month of the year:













Have you got a creative block? Do you need someone to help with content creation for your social media? 

Many of the tips above are part of our social media essentials monthly club. Our pay as you go offer allows you to plan out your social media for the month ahead. We will provide some ideas and support in the form of a monthly zoom call, private Facebook group and editable Canva templates. The fee is £49 a month and you can find out more using the button below.

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