Social Media Content Ideas for June

June Content Marketing Ideas 
-Sunny Day.

Social Media Content Ideas for June 2024

‘The cloudless sky smiled at itself in the smoothly sparkling lake, the satin-green lawns rippled occasionally in a gentle breeze: June had arrived’ J.K.Rowling

June is the gateway to summer, it is also a month that has a myriad of National Days! We have lots of content ideas to help you make the most of what’s happening and share your support. Need even more social media post ideas? Download our 30 FREE SOCIAL MEDIA IDEAS pdf.

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National Days for June

1st – 30th Pride Month

3rd – 9th Volunteers Week

3rd – 9th Child Safety Week

5th – World Environment Day

5th – National Sausage Roll Day

6th – Yo-Yo Day

6th – National Fish & Chip Day

8th – World Gin Day

9th – LEAF Open Farm Sunday  

10th – 16th Men’s Health Week  

10th – 16th Bike Week

13th – 16th US Golf Open

14th – 16th Download Festival

16th – Father’s Day

20th – 23rd Isle of Wight Festival

20th – Summer Solstice

21st – International Day of Yoga

21st – Bring your Dog to Work Day

26th – 30th – Glastonbury Festival

27th – National Sunglasses Day

27th – National Bingo Day

28th – National Cream Tea Day

29th – Armed Forces Day

30th – World Social Media Day

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Social Media Content Ideas for June

Health & Wellbeing Post Ideas for June

Child Safety Week is 3rd – 9th June in association with The Child Accident Prevention Trust helping families build confidence and skills in managing the real risks to children’s safety if you are in education or children’s setting a great initiative to join in with building safety skills for children. Bike Week 2024 | Cycling UK will be running from the 10th to the 16th. Get involved in the celebrations by going for a ride and help champion all the benefits cycling brings to your health, your climate, your pocket, and your community. Men’s Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June, and in 2024 the dates are June 10th-16th. It is an important opportunity to highlight the importance of men’s health and to promote and support the health and well-being of men and boys in our communities.

Sporting Events in June

This sporting month sees the US Open Championship on 13th – 16th. The 2024 US Open will be held at the Pinehurst Resort and Country Club in North Carolina. It is the fourth time the Open has been held at this venue in 25 years. Just to note that although Wimbledon is normally a huge sporting event in June, following the trend from last year this year it will once again be commencing one week later on the 1st July.

National Days in June

From dad jokes to the ability to fix about anything, it’s easy to see why we dedicate a whole day to fathers. Celebrate Father’s Day on the 16th including all father figures, such as grandfathers and fathers-in-laws, you can read our blog on Father’s Day Marketing ideas HERE.  Summer is officially here, the 20th sees summer solstice, long celebrated around the world by different cultures. We love it for the longer days and lighter nights!

Food & Drink Post Ideas in June

Celebrate a classic alcoholic drink this World Gin Day on the 10th of June. Do you like your Gin as a cocktail, a classic G&T, or neat… celebrate the wonderful juniper-laced spirit however please remember to drink responsibly. Now in its ninth year, National Cream Tea Day is organised by Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream and Wilkin and Sons Tiptree and this year is on the 28th. The jam and cream experts together donate up to 50,000 portions of jam and cream every year, through their joint organisation, The Cream Tea Society, which supports fundraisers and charities to put on their own cream tea events. To date, this has helped to raise over £1,190,800 for hundreds of charities across the UK. We also have National Sausage Roll Day on the 5th and National Fish and Chip Day on the 6th.

Fun Social Media Post Ideas for June

Put a smile on everyone’s face and celebrate World Bring Your Dog to Work Day on 21st, share those cute pooch pics, everyone loves to see them. And on the 30th we celebrate World Social Media Day. Social Media Day is for us to enjoy the positives that these platforms have brought into our lives, and maybe like or share a photo or two #SMDay.

There are lots of festivals to enjoy this month! Starting with Download Festival on 14th – 16th, a mammoth rock festival in the Midlands at the spiritual home of rock Donnington Park. Then there is the Isle of Wight Festival on 20th – 23th the festival’s heritage reaches back over an extraordinary 53 years. Relaunched in 2002 and although 2 hours door to door from London, being across the water and with its own micro-climate the festival is like no other. And finally, the much loved Glastonbury Festival on 26th to 30th. We stay on top of our monthly social media marketing ideas blogs, releasing them in advance to help you plan, so look at our other blogs across the year to help you gain ideas and inspiration to include in your marketing for your business.

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