Social Media Content Ideas for June 2020

Content ideas for the gateway to Summer – June

With the Summer Solstice on the 20th, hopefully, the beautiful weather and sunny skies will hold up. Normally, we would talk about the run-up to the holidays and long nights, but this year, we have had what already feels like a long, hot Summer.

While we try and make the most of being at home by completing home improvements and garden renovations, many businesses are trying to find a way to stand strong in the midst of the COVID_19 pandemic. Below are a number of ways to stay connected with the outside world and all that is happening in June. Hopefully, things will move forward soon, and we can get back out into the world and connect face to face with our customers!

social media content ideas june.

June is the London Festival of Architecture – which is the world’s largest architecture event. Due to COVID_19 they are displaying the wonderful array of art digitally, you can follow and get involved via their website. The theme for 2020 is ‘Power’. Share what gives you power, makes you feel powerful, how you use your power – the list is endless. When you’re a freelancer, you have all the power, so use it! Use the hashtag #LFA2020 and get involved in a global conversation.

It’s also Motor Neurone Disease and Bowel Cancer awareness month – every year Bowel Cancer UK asking people to get sponsored to do 30 minutes of physical activity every day for 30 days during June. As we are now uncapped on our daily exercise allowance, you can take part in this challenge and share it! When you’ve completed your 30-minute challenge on the 18th, you can treat yourself to a delicious treat to celebrate Cupcake day for the Alzheimer’s Society. It is also Children’s Hospice Week from 22nd-28th. Finding one of these amazing charity awareness activities to take part in and relate it to your business would be fantastic! Share why you have chosen the specific activity to get involved with!

Health and Wellbeing are still high on the agenda this year, especially drawing light to self–care during the lockdown. This month there are lots of moments to share in these topics or even highlight what your company is doing for your employees during this time to offer support. Healthy Eating Week (8th-14th), Men’s Health Week (10th-16th), Bike Week (6th-14th) are big topics, so see where you can highlight your products or services during these events. It is also World Environment Day on 5th June, showcase all the fantastic ways the lockdown has improved our environment – clearer waters, cleaner air, brighter skies. Child Safety Week and Volunteer Week run at the same time this year (1st-7th), this is a great opportunity to showcase how you are supporting your local community during the pandemic.

VE day last month proved to be a big hit, with social distancing BBQ’s, friendly neighbourhood picnics and block parties, all from 2 metres away, the Big Virtual Lunch on the 6th-7th is also a little different this year, but it’s goals are still the same. It’s all about getting together, sharing good food and getting to know your neighbours (from afar). For more information on how this year’s Big Lunch differs and how you can still get involved, head over to their website to get some great inspiration and free resources to be used on the day. Pictures would make great Instagram Stories or Facebook fodder!

With open markets due to open in the near future (of course following social distancing rules), 7th June is Open Farm Sunday – if you own a farm or supply produce, this is a perfect time to get involved in open markets and display your finest produce to all that attend and this also creates a fantastic opportunity to get your name out there!

This month is filled with lots of celebrations and excuses to eat! 5th June is National Fish & Chip Day, 13th is World Gin Day and 15th is National Beer Day. Share your homemade goodies or bought favourites and recommend your favourite way to make a gin drink! This is a great time to highlight your suppliers, or highlight your produce if you are the supplier! We’re sure we’ve all eaten our fair share of picnics over the past couple of weeks whether that is with members of your own household or a social distancing picnic with friends, nonetheless, celebrate National Picnic Week between 22nd-28th and share it!

With festivals like the Isle of Wight Festival, Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, postponed until next year maybe you can get creative and make your own festival at home; at least then you’ll be in control of the playlist! Or share your hints and tips to ensure people are ready and well prepared for next years festivals!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is 26th June – of course, this is a very easy task considering the circumstances. People have been showing off their fur babies on conference calls at every opportunity possible. How lovely it must be for our pets to have us at home for such a long period of time!

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