Social Media Content Ideas for August 2020

Finally, the return of some normality: Social media content ideas for August.

August is a much slower month for events, people may well be jetting off to sun, sea, sand…and social distancing, if their flights haven’t been cancelled. With the schools announcing they will not be offering a ‘summer school’ most local and at-home activities will still take place in the summer holidays like the hundreds of years old tradition. Life is slowly and carefully returning to the new normal in time for the summer holidays with pubs, restaurants and hairdressers back open.

Whilst it’s normally the time of year that many businesses and their employees can take a break, this year is vastly different. With more businesses and facilities being given the green light to reopen after months of being closed, now is most likely a busier time than it has been in while, especially for those in the hospitality industry!

social media content ideas for August.

The big entertainment events of the season such as Edinburgh Festival and Fringe (7th-31st) and Notting Hill Carnival (30th-31st) have been cancelled this year. For the Fringe Festival, this is the first time it has been cancelled since it began in 1947. If you have visited one of these events before, now is a great time to reflect and share memories or images of past events to your audience. Tag the people you have met, the artists you have seen, the bands you have heard play and the food you have eaten; this is the best way to attract new eyes! Get interactive and bring in new followers.

The 1st-7th of August is World Breastfeeding week, This may be a subject that interests your audience! National Allotment Week runs from 10th-16th and the theme this year is ‘Growing food for health and wellbeing’. There is no doubt that if you’ve got an allotment, you have been able to spend a lot more time in it this year! Share images of your home-grown veggies, whether they are strategically placed on a sunny windowsill, in a vegetable patch at the bottom of your garden or grown with care in your allotment. Share recipes for your favourite foods or inform people on the health benefits of different ingredients. If you are a personal trainer, gardener or just enjoy growing food, this week is for you!

There’s a lovely event – Playday – taking place on 5th August. This year’s theme ‘Everyday Freedoms, Everyday Adventures’ aims to highlight the importance of giving children and teenagers the freedom to play and have everyday adventures. As well as celebrating children’s right to play, the Playday 2020 campaign recognises the impact of social distancing and lockdown on children’s mental health and opportunities to play freely with friends and in their community. This year they want you to share the different ways children play whilst in lockdown, encouraging them to play wherever and whenever they can. Do you run a nursery, playgroup or after school club where you could offer different at-home activities that children can take part in? It’s also International Youth Day on the 12th, this is great time to think of all the young people who have been affected by the pandemic.

One of our favourite times of the year – Afternoon Tea week runs from 10th-16th, and National Prosecco Day falls on the 13th, what an amazing combination! Share your favourite afternoon tea components/recipes, your new-found at home prosecco cocktails or recommend where people can find the best scone! Have you found a good afternoon tea delivery in your area?

Lefties make up about 10 per cent of the worlds’ population. The 13th is national Left-Handers Day #lefthandersday.

The 19th is World Humanitarian Day, this is a great time to say thank you to all those who have been providing care, support and medicine during this world crisis that is Covid-19.

If you are returning to work or it’s always been business as usual for you, take some time to do a bit of housekeeping – make sure all information on your social accounts is correct and up to date ready for your reopening, make sure people know any new restrictions in place. Have you changed your header images recently? Can you update bios or descriptions? If you’re quiet, start planning for the next few months – have you got any big events or anniversaries to celebrate? Do we dare mention the other C-word…?

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