Social Media Content Ideas For August

Finally, the return of some normality Part 2: Social media content ideas for August 2021

August 2020 was the month of Eat Out to Help Out. We very much hope that August 2021 is full of excitement, adventure and well needed holidays – sunshine included. As business owners we will have better view about how the year is shaping up after the tricky start that came earlier this year which saw many businesses unable to open until April.

In those situations marketing was probably more important than ever, to not only keep the audience interested, but also to make sure that customers and clients visited and used products/services when it was needed.

That’s why we like to think these monthly social media marketing ideas blogs are useful, keeping up with trends, events, and National days to continue to get involved and reach as many people as possible. So, what do we have to look forward to this month?

Social Media Content Ideas For August

National Days for August

All month – National Road Victim Month

1st – Yorkshire Day

1st-7th – World Breastfeeding Week

5th – Playday

6th-30th – Edinburgh Festival & Edinburgh Fringe

8th – International Cat Day

10th-15th – Schools Allotment week

10th-15th – Afternoon Tea Week

12th – World Elephant Day

12th – International Youth Day

12th-15th – Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

13th – International Left Handed Day

13th – National Prosecco Day

19th – World Photo Day

19th – World Humanitarian Day

29th-30th – Notting Hill Carnival

30th – International Day of the Disappeared

30th – Summer Bank Holiday

Social Media Content Ideas for August

August is a much slower month for events and national days; normally this month see’s people taking breaks from their working lives and taking some time to relax and spend time with family and friends. With the Holiday green light checklist being continually updated, many may well be choosing a staycation rather than jetting off to sun, sea and sand. The schools are out, and the summer holidays are in full swing with many families looking to fill the remaining time off with activities, days out and experiences to make up for all the lost time throughout the pandemic. This summer be sure to double down and offer what you can to whoever you can to maximise uptake in your business, it’s services and products and keep more clients and customers filing in.

The August Bank Holiday falls on the last day of the month and marks the last week of the summer holidays, this is a lovely time to post about what you have been up to in the summer, pictures are a lovely thing to accompany your posts. If there are any last-minute ideas you have for parents to entertain the family as the new school year and term draws closer then now is the time to share, or your latest offers to attract some more visitors before the normal weekly routine returns for many.

The larger well known entertainment events of the season such as Edinburgh Festival and Fringe taking place from the 6th-30th are going ahead this year, registrations started back in May and was open to all artists and venues to register their shows for the festival, which will also launch the festival’s brand new online ‘Fringe Player’ platform this year, which is aiming to bring “some festival magic into homes across the world, while providing a secure platform for artists, companies and venues to host their show”.

Continuing the festival theme, Notting Hill Carnival (usually held on the last weekend in August) and other festivals that would have taken place earlier in the year are starting this month, having been rearranged from their normal annual dates. Creamfields (26th -29th), Reading & Leeds (27th-29th) and All Points East (27th -30th). If you’re attending any festivals, here’s a couple of things to cash in on throughout social media when you can – tag the people you have met – you never know who can become a great contact, whether it’s a business ally, potential customer or business partnership, the biggest losses in business, come from missed opportunities. The artists you have seen – do you remember that caricature artist? Post them; The jewellery designer? Post them. The bands you have heard play – everyone else will be posting about them and wanting to see them from different vantage points, post yours, tag them and take advantage of the conversation surrounding them. The food you have eaten; the hashtag #festivalfood has over 97,000 posts on Instagram, this could be a great conversation to be discovered in if it relates to your audience. Talking is the best way to attract new eyes, get interaction and bring in new followers on your journey.

National Days in August

Something that has seen a large increase since the pandemic restricted us to our homes for the most part of last year is gardening, the past time that has kept many people sane throughout the pandemic. National Allotment Week runs from 9th-15th and the theme this year is Plotting for the Future; to celebrate the contribution that allotments make to a sustainable future. Share images of your home-grown veggies, whether they are strategically placed on a sunny windowsill, in a vegetable patch at the bottom of your garden or grown with care in your allotment. Share recipes for your favourite foods or inform people on the health benefits of different ingredients. If you are a personal trainer, gardener or just enjoy growing food, this week is for you so make the most of it in your social media marketing ideas.

For those of you that can relate your business and its products/services back to children, families or anything in between, there’s a lovely event – Playday – taking place on the 4th August which would fit in beautifully with your social media marketing. Playday is the national day for play, as well as a celebration of children’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives. This year’s theme ‘Summer of Play. The Playday 2021 theme recognises the challenges children and young people have faced over the past year and the need to enjoy time for play free of restrictions, with their friends, having fun. Do you run a nursery, playgroup or after school club where you could offer different at-home activities that children can take part in? It’s also International Youth Day on the 12th, this is great time to think of all the young people who have been affected by the pandemic; finishing school, exams and academic years in a vastly different way compared to the traditional past times.

Food & Drink Content Ideas For August

As you may well know, we’re foodies, and of course, food has to be accompanied by a good drink, so it’s no wonder one of our favourite times of the year occurs this month – National Prosecco Day falls on the 13th running right through the middle of Afternoon Tea week commencing on the 10th-16th, and what an amazing combination that makes! Share your favourite afternoon tea components and recipes, what comes first, jam or cream? Your favourite bottle of bubbly or the place to get the best view to enjoy with your prosecco.

Food and Drink Content Ideas for August

For all you sports fanatics, the Formula 1 Hungarian GP finishes on the first of the month, but the Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2021 begins on the 27th and ends of the 29th. Did you manage to get tickets, or will you be following the event across the weekend.

The 19th is World Humanitarian Day, in which the world commemorates humanitarian workers killed and injured in the course of their work, and we honour all aid and health workers who continue, despite the odds, to provide life-saving support and protection to people most in need. This is a great time to say thank you to all those who have been providing care, support and medicine during this world crisis that is Covid-19.

Heading into the ‘Miscellaneous’ category for this month’s social media marketing ideas for August; The 13th is national Left-Handers Day #lefthandersday; did you know Lefties make up roughly 12 per cent of the worlds’ population and are said to use more of the right side of their brain but are also more likely to allergies (apparently). It’s World Photography Day on the 19th, a great event to feature any images you have taken of your business, team, products, and anything else you can think of, nature, architecture, food or people and share them across your social channels and don’t forget to use the hashtag #worldphotographyday to make sure your images are featured alongside others. is currently accepting submissions for photos to be featured on our site, for the world to appreciate!

Social Media Housekeeping

If things are quieter for you this month and you find yourself with some extra time, now is a great time to do a bit of social media housekeeping; make sure all information on your social media accounts are correct and up to date to ensure your customers and clients can find the information they need. We would also advise you to update your customers on ongoing covid updates and safety procedures surrounding your business. Other aspects to review are the ‘cosmetic’ features of your social media – have you changed your header images recently? Can you update your bios or descriptions or maybe share some news with your audience in the form of a new blog post? Blogging is a simple way of improving your SEO score and makes it easier for people to find you. It’s also a great way to stay active and seen across your social media accounts. If blogging is something you struggle with or you just don’t have the time to create an engaging post, we can help you by creating one for you for just £99.

If you’re quiet, it’s always a good idea to start planning for the next few months ahead. Not only does it take any pressure off when it comes to filling in your monthly content but also frees up some of your time – have you got any big events or anniversaries to celebrate? Do we dare mention the other C-word…Christmas?!

Marketing is about staying persistent and consistent; keeping up with the trends, event and national days across the month in your social media marketing helps you remain seen, ensuring that when someone does need your products and services, you’ll be easier to find when the time is right. We try to stay on top of our monthly social media marketing ideas blogs, releasing them in advance to help you plan ahead of time, so take a look at our other blogs across the year to help you gain ideas and inspiration to include in your marketing for your business.

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