Social Media Content Ideas for November

November’s sky is chill and drear, but we can find some fun and cheer!

It’s cold, it’s wet, supermarkets are filled with Christmas sprinkle, that can only mean one thing…it’s November! Well, we’ve made it this far through the year of 2021 and it looks a lot different to last year (thank goodness!), many businesses are well into the golden quarter, executing their Christmas campaigns, sales, and marketing content, so to take the pressure off have a scroll through this blog to get some simple and easy ideas to help fill your social media content marketing planner for the month of November.

social media content ideas November.

National Days for November

World Vegan Month

Men’s Health Awareness Month – Movember

Novel Writing Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

1st – World Vegan Day

1st – All Saint’s Day

2nd – All Souls Day

3rd – International Stress Awareness Day

4th – Roast Dinner Day

4th – Diwali

4th-9th – National Spa Week

5th – Bonfire Night

7th – Hug a Bear Day

8th – Cappuccino Day

8th-14th – Sugar Awareness Week

11th – Remembrance Day

11th-16th – Alcohol Awareness Week

13th – World Kindness Day

14th – Remembrance Sunday

14th – World Diabetes Day

15th-19th – World Nursery Rhyme Week

15th – 19th – Anti Bullying Week

15th-21st – Road Safety Week

17th – World Prematurity Day

19th – International Men’s Day

20th – Universal Children’s Day

21st – Stir-up Sunday

25th – Thanksgiving (US)

26th – Black Friday

29th – Cyber Monday

30th – St Andrews Day

Social Media Content Ideas for November

The children have returned from their half term break and it’s back to the daily grind for most. Don’t forget to add some personality into your social media content – people buy from people; it’s always good to remember that and incorporate yourself into your social media. Have you spotted signs of Winter approaching, have you taken a picture of a recent networking event, can you share a behind the scenes of your Christmas preparations to get involved in the run up to the big day?

The poppies are back, Remembrance Day is, of course, on the 11th which falls on a Thursday this year, followed by Remembrance Sunday on the 14th. You can find some beautiful posts and commentary on The Royal British Legion social media pages, you could also share the detail of any locally-held events to commemorate the day.

Diwali begins this month, with the festival of lights on the 4th November and many will be celebrating Scottish Patron Saint, St Andrews day is at the very end of the month on the 30th.

Health & Wellbeing Content Ideas for November

This year’s Sugar Awareness Week (8th-14th) event will be a timely opportunity to celebrate successes and discuss what next for sugar reduction in the UK, as the Public health England sugar reduction programme is scheduled to be coming to an end.

There are lots of health and wellbeing events, days and campaigns this month; Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Men’s health awareness month (you will know it as Movember) run throughout November. Are you growing your beard or trying out a new moustache style, or are you taking part in the MOVE in Movember challenge – a 30-day physical fitness challenge to help champion men’s health and wellbeing this month?

In line with Movember, the 19th is International Men’s Day; celebrating worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. The aim is to highlight positive role models and raise awareness of men’s well-being. One of the six pillars of International Men’s Day is to improve gender relations and promote gender equality not only for men but for women too. In this light their theme for 2021 is “Better relations between men and women.”

The 3rd is International Stress Awareness Day, something that is a worthwhile cause to post about – how do you as an employer combat stress in the workplace to keep on top of wellbeing in the workplace? The 15-19th is anti-bullying week with the theme ‘One Kind Word’ for 2021 and in the same week begins alcohol awareness week (15th-21st) with a theme of alcohol and relationships.

Access to Diabetes Care is the World Diabetes Day 2021 theme on the 14th and World Prematurity Day falls on the 17th, Bliss wants more parents to know they are not alone.  If you work in or have experience in this area you can get involved by sharing what you wish someone had told you using #MyNeonatalStory on social media.

It’s Road Safety Week from the 15th-21st with this years theme of Road Safety Heroes; celebrating the heroic work of road safety professionals and explaining how we can all play a part in making journeys safer for everyone.


Food & Drink Content Ideas for November

Another event across the entire month of November is World Vegan Month. Maybe you’ve tried going vegan or are going to set yourself the challenge, or maybe you already are vegan and want to share some recipes to your audience. Think of how it applies to you whether in your personal life or in business.

What have you got in your lunchbox today? It’s World Sandwich Day on the 3rd, a fun foodie friendly national day to get involved with. Can’t get by without your coffee fix? Cappuccino Day is the 8th, something I can definitely get behind…CAFFEINE!

Next up is everyone’s favourite, the elite British meal…the roast dinner has it’s very own day! Roast Dinner Day falls on the 4th this year and I’m sure will be widely celebrated! Can you add a poll to your social media content – what is your favourite part? Pigs in blankets or Yorkshire pudding? Or share a funny meme about those that have no gravy on their roast (such people exist?!).

Fun Content Ideas for November

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…Bonfire night celebrations are back with a bang this year (pun absolutely intended). If you’re attending a show, spend a bit of time sharing the experience with your audience, check in and see who else is there! Try to tap into ideas around those who will still be staying at home this year and how the experience and nostalgic feeling of things like sparklers, bonfires and fireworks can be recreated at home.  Encouraging safety along with the fun and as always discussions around pets and how they react during the festivities will be a great way to interact with your audience.

National Spa Week (4th-9th) aims to raise public awareness of the real physical, mental and emotional benefits that regular spa attendance can offer, in Europe, going to the spa is a regular occurrence, whereas in the UK it is seen as a once in a blue moon treat – we’re quite happy to help the movement; ‘more spa days please!’.

Hug a bear day on the 7th is a day to give a tight hug to your loved ones and your favourite teddy bear…yes there is a day for that! World Kindness Day falls on the 13th where we should all attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organisations. What can you do as a business, or will you be helping out away from the office? Just be careful with how you approach this, try to maintain your brand authenticity, sharing stories of kindness you have encountered from others is a good approach here.

For all those involved with children, especially early years, World Nursery Rhyme Week from the 15th-19th, whether you’re a parent/carer, nursery worker, teacher or otherwise, this week is focussed on getting children interested in poetry, song, verse and more. Previous events from participants have been Grandparents to Breakfast, After-school club afternoon tea, Parent & Toddler groups, nurseries and more! If it applies to you, post about it! It’s all about the children this month, with BBC Children in Need also happening on 12th November. If you’ll be raising money for this worthwhile cause, why not post what you’re up to, don’t forget to utilise the hashtags and tag in the BBC, it’s a great way to get involved and raise your profile. Here is a link to the fundraising pack should you want more information:

Business Content Ideas for November

Black Friday is the 26th this year, if you are running a promotion, starting early with a teaser campaign would be an ideal way to drive interest and excitement with your audience and break through the noise expected from the big retailers. Cyber Monday comes along straight after on the 29th, again try to make your offering clear and simple so that when you get seen amongst all the others, people can find what they need from you.

Christmas is approaching and there is no room to fall behind this year, with more people than ever shopping online last year due to restrictions, you may well find that the trend continues; don’t forget to give clear guidance on your Christmas ordering deadlines (Royal Mail last posting dates are available here). The general advice is to both order and post extra early this year. Some repetition with this message would be advisable. If you have any overseas customers, send them a reminder to let them know their specific posting deadlines.

There will be a big focus on Christmas as people look forward to the festivities. You are likely to be well underway with Christmas bookings and orders, we think there will be two audiences here, people may be looking for ways to create more Christmas magic to make up for lost time last year. Others will remain cautious and will look to have a quiet Christmas away from the crowds and hustle and bustle.

We try to stay on top of our monthly social media marketing ideas blogs, releasing them in advance to help you plan ahead of time, so take a look at our other blogs across the year to help you gain ideas and inspiration to include in your marketing for your business. You can also download our entire 2021 calendar here.

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