Social Media Content Ideas for November

social media content ideas November.

Social media content ideas For November 2022

Hello November! Yes, the days are going to be cooler and shorter, but we can still find some fun and cheer!

When the high streets are filled with Christmas sparkles and outside it is cold and wet, it must mean its November! Many businesses are well into the golden quarter, executing their Christmas campaigns, sales, and marketing content, so to take the pressure off, scroll through this blog to get some simple and easy ideas to help fill your social media content marketing planner for the month of November.

These monthly social media marketing ideas blogs are to support you in your mission to stay in touch with trends, events, and National days. So, what is happening during this month? Find the details below. If you’re looking for Marketing Ideas for Christmas read our blog dedicated to everything festive.

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National Days for November

All month – World Vegan Month, Novel Writing Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Men’s Health Awareness Month (Movember)

1st – World Vegan Day – #WorldVeganDay #VeganFood #PlantBased

1st – All Saint’s Day – #allsaintsday

1st / 2nd – International Stress Awareness Day – #stress #anxiety #mentalhealth

2nd – All Souls Day – #allsoulsday #dayofthedead

3rd – Sandwich Day (US) – #NationalSandwichDay

4th – Roast Dinner Day – #RoastDinnerDay

5th – Bonfire Night – #bonfirenight #bonfire #bonfireseason #fireworks #guyfawkes

6th – National Saxophone Day – #saxophoneday #nationalsaxophoneday

7th – National Hug a Bear Day – #HugABearDay

8th – World Town Planning Day

8th – Cappuccino Day – #CappuccinoDay

9th – World Adoption Day – #WorldAdoptionDay

11th – Remembrance Day – #remembranceday #lestweforget #poppy

12th – Remembrance Sunday – #remembranceday #lestweforget #poppy

12th – Diwali – #diwali #happydiwali

13th – World Kindness Day – #worldkindnessday #makekindnessthenorm

14th – World Diabetes Day – #WorldDiabetesDay #DiabetesEducation #WDD2023

13th-17th – World Nursery Rhyme Week – #WorldNurseryRhymeWeek #wnrw23 #earlyyears #languagedevelopment

13th-17th – Anti Bullying Week -AntiBullyingWeek

13th -19th – Sugar Awareness Week – #SugarAwarenessWeek #ActionOnSugar

16th – World Pancreatic Cancer Day – #WorldPancreaticCancerDay #PancreaticCancer

17th – World Prematurity Day – #MyNeonatalStory #HiddenNeonatalJourneys

17th – Children in Need Campaign – #BBCin #BBCChildrenInNeed #Pudsey

19th-25th – Road Safety Week – #RoadSafetyWeek

19th – International Men’s Day – #InternationalMensDay #ZeroMaleSuicide

20th – Universal Children’s Day – #WorldChildrensDay

23rd – Thanksgiving (US) – #thanksgiving #thankful #family #thanksgivingdinner #happythanksgiving

24th – Black Friday – #blackfriday #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals (need ideas, head to our blog dedicated to Black Friday Marketing Ideas).

24th – Day of Listening – #dayoflistening

25th – Small Business Saturday (US) (2nd December in the UK) – #SmallBusinessSaturday

26th – Stir-up Sunday – #StirUpSunday #Christmasiscoming

27th – Cyber Monday – #cybermonday #sale #cybermondaysales

30th – St Andrews Day – #StAndrewsDay #PatronSaint

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Social Media Content Ideas for November

The children have returned from their half-term break, and it’s back to the daily grind. November is a great time to add some personality to your social media content – people buy from people; it’s always good to remember that and incorporate yourself into your social media.

Have you spotted signs of winter approaching? Have you taken a picture of a recent networking event? Can you share a behind-the-scenes clip of your Christmas preparations to get involved in the run-up to the big day?

The poppies are back; Remembrance Day on the 11th falls on a Saturday this year, followed by Remembrance Sunday on the 12th. You can find some beautiful posts and commentary on The Royal British Legion’s social media pages; you could also share the detail of any locally-held events to commemorate the day.

We remember the Scottish Patron Saint, St Andrew, on the 30th of November.

National Days in November

Health & Wellbeing Content Ideas for November

There are lots of health and well-being events, days, and campaigns this month; Lung Cancer Awareness Month and Men’s health awareness month (you will know it as Movember) run throughout November. Are you growing your beard or trying out a new moustache style? In line with Movember, the 19th is also International Men’s Day, celebrating the value men bring to the world, their families, and communities worldwide. The aim is to highlight good role models and raise the profile of men’s well-being, with one of the pillars of International Men’s Day focusing on improving gender relations and promoting gender equality for men and women. 

This year’s Sugar Awareness Week (13th – 19th) celebrates the success of the food industry, government, and NGOs’ progress so far. It discusses the future of sugar and calorie reduction and its place in the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan.

The 2nd is International Stress Awareness Day, something that is a worthwhile cause to post about – how do you, as an employer, combat stress in the workplace to keep on top of well-being and employee morale? 

The 13-17th is anti-bullying week where we see businesses as well as schools across the country come together to highlight the seriousness of bullying and the preventative measures we can put in place.

Educating about diabetes is a strong theme on World Diabetes Day 2023, celebrated on the 14th.

World Prematurity Day falls on the 17th of November and this year Bliss wants more parents to know they are not alone and are encouraging people to share their neonatal stories. If you work in or have experience in this area, you can get involved in the campaign by sharing what you wish someone had told you using #MyNeonatalStory on social media. 

It’s Road Safety Week from the 19th-25th, a week that brings together communities and professionals to shout out for everyone’s right to make safe and healthy journeys on safe roads.

Food & Drink Content Ideas for November

Another event across the entire month of November is World Vegan Month. Maybe you’ve tried going vegan or you’re going to set yourself the challenge, or perhaps you already are vegan and want to share some recipes with your audience? Think of how it applies to you, whether in your personal life or business and use this as content across your social platforms.

It’s World Sandwich Day on the 3rd, a fun foodie-friendly national day to get involved with; what filling have you got today?

Let’s not forget the coffee! Are you like us and just can’t get by without your coffee fix? Great! Make sure to celebrate Cappuccino Day on the 8th!

Everyone’s favourite meal…the roast dinner has its very own day; Roast Dinner Day falls on the 4th! Can you add a poll to your social media content – Do you roast or boil the veg? Mustard or horseradish? How many Yorkshire puddings is acceptable for one person? #askingforafriend

Fun Content Ideas for November

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…. If you’re attending an event, share the experience with your audience, check in, and see who else is there! Try tapping into ideas that create nostalgic feelings about sparklers, bonfires, and fireworks. Encouraging safety, along with the fun and discussions around pets and how they react during the festivities, the 5th of November can be a fantastic way to interact with your audience.

Hug a bear day is on the 7th, and it is a day to give a tight squeeze to your loved ones and your favourite teddy bear…do you still have your childhood bear?!

World Kindness Day falls on the 13th; show your support and help make the world a better and happier place by celebrating and promoting your good deeds and encouraging acts of kindness. What can you do as a business? Just be careful with how you approach this, try to maintain your brand authenticity, sharing stories of kindness you have encountered from others is a good approach.

For all those involved with children, especially early years, World Nursery Rhyme Week runs from the 13th-17th; whether you’re a parent/carer, nursery worker, teacher, or otherwise, this week is focused on getting children interested in poetry, song, verse, and more. Previous events from participants have been Grandparents to Breakfast, After-school club afternoon tea, Parent & Toddler groups, nurseries, and more! If it applies to you, post about it! It’s all about the children this month, with BBC Children in Need also happening on 17th of November. If you’re raising money for this worthwhile cause, why not post what you’re up to, don’t forget to utilise the hashtags and tag in the BBC, it’s a wonderful way to get involved and raise your profile.

Business Content Ideas for November

Black Friday is the 24th of this year; if you are running a promotion, starting early with a teaser campaign would be an ideal way to drive interest and excitement with your audience.

Cyber Monday comes along straight after on the 27th; again, try to make your offering clear and simple so that when you get seen amongst all the others, people can find what they need from you.

Christmas is fast approaching, and more people than ever are shopping online, don’t forget to give clear guidance on your Christmas ordering deadlines.

Social Media Housekeeping

Refine your marketing strategy with a persistent approach. By staying abreast of trends, events, and national days, you can enhance your social media presence. This ensures that when potential customers require your products or services, you’ll be readily discoverable at the right moment.

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