Social Media Content Ideas for November

November’s sky is chill and drear, but we can find some fun and cheer!

It might be cold and damp, and the dark nights are definitely here, but we are heading towards the end of the year and the Christmas Festivities are in sight, the pandemic may alter what this looks like for everyone, however, there are still lots of other things going on that will interest your audience!

social media content ideas November.

The 1st is World Vegan Day, which kicks off World Vegan Month.

The Vegan trend is continuing to grow not just in terms of food choices but also in terms of fashion, cosmetics and toiletries.  If you sell Vegan products now is an ideal time to talk about the ethics, health and environmental benefits to this type of lifestyle, but also to show how the quality of products in this market is continuously improving.  You and your audience don’t have to be fully engaged in the vegan way of life to sample and enjoy vegan products.

The annual Movember activities will run to both raise awareness and in support of men’s health. Peaking on the 19th which is International Men’s Day.  If you are getting involved personally, you could talk about or document your journey in growing a moustache, other ideas could be to use images of celebrity / famous moustaches or showcase you and your team disguised with fake moustaches.

With the recent rises in stress levels, International Stress Awareness Day on 4th of November is a great time to promote any offer you have that can help manage or reduce stress levels.  Beauty and therapy offerings are great for helping people to take some time to look after themselves, as are craft-based courses or learning new skills.  You may have a personal experience that you want to share with others or just offer your own handy tips on managing the stress of running a small business.  You can always link into the social posts from the charity, Mind, or check out information on their website for more ideas.

Bonfire night on the 5th: Bonfire night celebrations may be a little different to the usual. Try to tap into ideas around people staying at home this year and how the experience and nostalgic feeling of things like sparklers, bonfires and fireworks can be recreated at home.  Encouraging safety along with the fun and as always discussions around pets and how they react during the festivities will be a great way to interact with your audience.

The 7th of November is Hug a Bear Day, ideal for the little ones but many of us are probably ready for a big hug by now.

The poppies are back, Sunday, 8th November is Remembrance Sunday you can find some beautiful posts and commentary on The Royal British Legion social media pages, you could also share the detail of any locally-held events to commemorate the day.

13th November – World Kindness Day – with all that has been going on this year this is a good one to tap into.  We all need a bit of kindness right now, just be careful with how you approach this, try to maintain your brand authenticity, sharing stories of kindness you have encountered from others is a good approach here.

Also, on the 13th is Children in Need Appeal Show so there is bound to be lots of activity to engage with, in the run-up to this event.

United Against Bullying is the theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week running 16th – 20th with their Odd socks day on the 16th, and National School Meals Week 9th-13th. If you have connections with schools or parents and children these would be good topics as there is a real interest and focus on children’s’ well-being, now they are back at school.

16-22 November 2020 – Alcohol Awareness Week the 2020 topic for this is alcohol and mental health which is going to be quite relevant as we saw dramatic rises in alcohol sales during the lockdown.  Try to keep this relevant to your business or your own personal journey.

For World Prematurity Day on the 17th, Bliss wants more parents to know they are not alone.  If you work in or have experience in this area you can get involved by sharing what you wish someone had told you using #IWishIdKnown on social media.

Parent and child-related businesses can make the most of World Nursery Rhyme Week which run between 16th and the 20th.  There are lots of resources on their website to relate to plus as parents often get nostalgic when looking back to their own childhood favourite rhymes, it’s a great conversation starter.

Road Safety Week, runs from the 16th – 22nd the theme for 2020 is ‘No Need to Speed’

Black Friday falls on the 27th November this year, with Cyber Monday following on the 30th.  Because of the coronavirus, people are expected to be shopping online rather than in stores this year.  If you are running a promotion, starting early with a teaser campaign would be an ideal way to drive interest and excitement with your audience and break through the noise expected from the big retailers.

There will be a big focus on Christmas as people look forward to the festivities.  You are likely to be well underway with Christmas bookings and orders, people may be looking for ways to create more Christmas magic at home this year with the restrictions affecting the usual plans for Christmas parties and festive experiences etc.

Don’t forget to give clear guidance on your Christmas ordering deadlines (Royal Mail last posting dates are available here). The general advice is to both order and post extra early this year. Some repetition with this message would be advisable. If you have any overseas customers, send them a reminder to let them know their specific posting deadlines.

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