Social Media Content Ideas for July 2020

Goodbye June, Hello July: Content Marketing Ideas

No end of term in sight, possible summer school, cancelled holidays…not the typical July we normally look forward to. With more people staying in and spending more time online, this month in marketing will be quite different from what we can normally expect.  So, what does that mean for your content?

July content marketing ideas.

Without the pandemic, people would normally be jetting off to the sun, sea and sand, but this is not the case for July 2020. With many employees working from home or on furlough, you may well have already taken your work with you, which is what we normally advise during the month of July.

We have outlined some content ideas that will help you remain up to date and engaging to your audience during these long months of lockdown.

Once again the Samaritans #TalktoUs campaign runs throughout the month of July, usually focussing on local events in the community, however, this year is a little different. They are encouraging people to reach out to their loved ones and raise awareness in what the Samaritans do. Whilst they can’t offer their normal service, their phone lines are always open. Focus on community spirit! More in the health and wellbeing sector is Group B Strep, they want volunteers to take Steps against Strep; this is easily done with an unlimited exercise allowance from Boris! There’s also a Health Information Awareness week (2-8th) promoting access to health information which is so important during the pandemic and Summer Safety Week (13-19th) is all about keeping children safe in the summer. Wishful thinking week at the end of July (31st July –6th August) is a time to think about all the things you hope for in life. The entire week is featured nationwide across UK media, so get in on the action! International Friendship Day falls on the 30th, this is a great opportunity to celebrate business partners, colleagues and friends. With health and wellbeing being at the forefront of everyone’s lives at the moment, it’s a good idea to get involved. Events and National days normally always involve a hashtag and natural following so it’s easier to engage and stimulate with your audience.

With sporting events being cancelled or postponed this year, the usual buzz isn’t what it normally is. Instead of missing out on the action when it comes to marketing during sporting events, use this time to talk about what you would be doing/wearing/eating if things were still taking place. Wimbledon is usually in the first two weeks, where you could promote your produce of fresh strawberries or theme your content colours to match the white dress code of Wimbledon. The Henley Royal Regatta (1-5th), normally the social event of the season, has been cancelled but help people prepare for next years, do you sell scarves or accessories that could adorn the beautiful watchers on the riverbank? The Tour de France normally starts this month but has been postponed until at least September, so keep this one in your belt until the right time. The British Open (the UK’s major golf tournament) usually runs from the 12-19th, however, has been postponed until next year. But with golf ranges now open, ask whether people have been visiting, has their play been affected with months of no practice? Ask your audience what sporting event they are missing most, what they’re looking forward to returning and what it all means for sporting events going forward.

Canada Day is the 1st along with Reggae Day and American Independence Day is the 4th, all of which are fun and entertaining national days; theme your products and services, or offer a discount on international postage. Bastille day falls on the 14th and Mandela Day on the 18th.

The 4th of July here in the UK is also known as Independents’ Day UK. It is a campaign that exists to support and promote independent retailers across the UK all year round but with an annual focus on July 4th #ukindieday.

It’s World Chocolate Day on the 7th and National Tequila Day on the 24th, there are tonnes of jokes and gifs to post along with these days…we’ll take any excuse to celebrate the ‘necessities’ of life.

The 20th July marks 51 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon – with the Elon Musk’s Crew Dragon putting America back in the space race after 9 years since shuttle missions were shut down, it is a huge part of history. Did anyone watch the live feed of the Dragon reaching the International Space Station or did anyone see when Apollo 11 landed? After the recent successful mission, do you think the next one will be to return to the moon?

Enjoy July – we will be back at the end of the month with more ideas.

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