Social Media Content Ideas for January

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The New Year is a time to say goodbye and a time to say hello.

We are full of hope and optimism for a sparkling 2022. It’s a time of reflection and planning for the year ahead. Let us help you fill your social media marketing calendar with some simple and easy ideas for the month of January and a dash of joy and positivity.

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National Days for January

Dry January


Walk your dog month

1st – New Year’s Day

2nd – Science Fiction Day

5th – Twelfth Night

5th – Big Schools Birdwatch

10th – National Houseplant Appreciation Day

16th – World Snow Day

17th – Blue Monday/ Brew Day

17th – Australian Tennis Open

17th – Cervical Cancer Prevention week

18th – Winnie the Pooh Day

18th – Big Energy Saving Week

21st – National Hug Day

25th – St Dwynwen’s Day

25th – Burns Night

26th – Australia Day

27th – Holocaust Memorial Day

28th – International Lego Day

28th – RSPB Big Birdwatch

30th – National Storytelling Week 

Social Media Content Ideas for January

Twelfth night traditionally marks the end of the festive period, time to take down the decorations and pack them away for another year. It is believed that the Victorians decided on The Twelfth Night so everyone could go back to work (did anyone else work through the festive period?) before this The Tudors celebrated much longer, until Feb 1st. To fill the void of Christmas decorations why not celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day on January 10th and fill your home with some wonderful new plants. There are many joys and benefits to tending an indoor plant, they can be easy to care for, fun to look at, and come with health benefits by improving the air quality of your home and you can even name them!

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Health & Wellbeing Content Ideas for January

A great health campaign that takes place in January is the Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, with the #SmearForSmear campaign from the 17th -23rd. A great cause to show your support for. Look for Jo’s cervical cancer trust for some great tips and ideas on how to get in involved. 

The third Monday of January has become known as ‘Blue Monday’ and is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, yes a great marketing ploy but The Samaritans now use it as an awareness day ‘Brew Monday’ and encourage people to connect and chat with a cuppa.

It is also Walk Your Dog month, walking comes with health benefits for you and your dog, and what better way to meet other like-minded dog walkers and dust off those January blues. 

National Days

The 25th is Burns Night and St Dwynwen’s Day (the Welsh Valentine’s Day) and the 26th is Australia Day. If you have customers in Scotland, Wales, or Australia, it’s a great way to connect with those audiences and post about those events.

This year’s theme for Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th is One Day. Pick one day in history and learn about that day, empathise with others, and take better action for the future. Which day will you pick?

Food & Drink Content Ideas for January

January is Veganuary, if you are in the food industry promote your vegan options or share new and exciting recipes with your audience.

It is also Dry January, supported by Alcohol Change UK, going alcohol-free for the month will bring you many benefits including better sleep, an improvement in your general health, and maybe even more cash in the bank! Supporting the charity will keep them doing the amazing work they do.

Engage with your audience, encourage them to share photos and recipes they try. Support and encourage anyone posting & sharing their Dry January journey.

Fun Content Ideas for January

If you are in Children’s education, why not support National Storytelling Week 2022 – Your Story – My Story from January 30th to February 6th. Find resource packs on the website and learn more about the difference between Storytelling and Reading. Stories belong to everyone – What’s your story and how will you be telling it?

The 18th is Winnie the Pooh Day, celebrated on AA Milne’s birthday. It is such a classic that everyone loves, share your favourite quote or character from the stories and ask your audience (or their kids!) to share theirs.

National Hug Day is celebrated around the world on January 21st. Remember when it was advised not to hug anyone? Are you #teamhug or not?

RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is back for 2022, join in January 28-30. Be wowed by your local wildlife and share stories or pictures of which birds you spot in your garden or local park area.  

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