Social Media Content Ideas for December

Coming to the end of Lockdown 2.0 and it has all ended in TIERS!! December is super easy and super hard for social media content. You may have products to promote – with a bit of tinsel, and promises to deliver before Christmas, you’ll get your brand out there.

What’s more difficult is the fact that nearly EVERYONE is doing the same thing! So how do you combat that? Unless you have the budget of John Lewis… well, it’s best to let the big brands do what they do best (but obviously check them out and see what you can make your own!), and in the meantime focus on content that will really help your consumers at this time of year. Think about their pain points and how your service or product can overcome this; a great example of this is ‘delivered in time for 25th December’. You will know what your “opening” hours are and when the latest date is that you can realistically be sending out items for guaranteed arrival – and that could be a great selling point. It’s simple but so many people do leave it until the last minute to buy Christmas presents, especially this year, with shops opening again after lockdown it only leaves buyers 3 week to get things finished this December.

On a personal note, we loooove companies that offer to wrap items that are gifts! Lazy, we know, but our Aunty Gill won’t know that I didn’t wrap her gift this year…

Whether it be as simple as updating your header images with a Christmassy look, creating an advent calendar of special offers, or competition for users to share photos with you, there are so many ways to integrate Christmas into your social spaces as much or as little as you want.

So look, let’s just accept that Christmas will dominate the conversation in December.

Moving on…

World Aids Day is on the 1st of December. There are some great resources and social media infographics on their website to share and show support.

5th December is International Volunteer Day. Do you use volunteers? Ask them why they volunteer and share a short video or image with their quote. Have you volunteered during the pandemic? Tell us your story! Volunteering is so beneficial personally, in the community, and for charities that it’s definitely worthy content if you have any experience to share.

One of the highlights of the December calendar is Saturday the 5th – Small Business Saturday. You can register and advertise your small business on their site. Encourage customers to visit your store, wear your products, write a review… they are all great. Beat the drum about why small businesses matter, who do you buy from and how do you support other small businesses. There’s also a bus tour, and they are broadcasting interviews with people on Facebook Live. Share your plans with the Small Business Saturday team and they’ll give you a shout out on social.

The 6th is Tree Decorating Day (although this year it seems the Christmas cheer has started early!), a chance to gather the community and celebrate the role that trees have in our local environment and across the world. It’s possibly a bit niche, but if the environment, community, and elements of faith play a part in your business, there could be opportunities here.

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is Friday 11th December. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or you work in a factory with your teammates – don a jumper, share a selfie, make a donation…

The second Saturday in December is the most popular day to buy a Christmas tree, and that’s the 12th this year. Do you have a delivery company, and could you team up with a local nursery to deliver people’s trees? Can you offer advice on how to keep your tree healthy and fresh for the next 3 weeks?

The days between Christmas and New Year, when no one knows what day or time it is, can be filled with suggestions of what to do with leftovers, memes of how it’s okay to eat Quality Street and turkey from the same plate, and inspirational quotes on how to cope with family invading your space. If you’re an estate agent or landlord, Boxing day is the day with most searches taking place on sites like Rightmove…

New Year, new you? What advice can you offer for those who are embarking on new adventures or challenges? What are your aspirations for 2021? And don’t forget to replace any Christmas themed headers or profile images on your social spaces before twelfth night!

Whatever you do, whoever you’re with, however, you celebrate (or don’t) we hope you have a peaceful, relaxing break and we’ll see you in 2021…which will hopefully be better than what 2020 gave us!

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