Social Media Content Ideas for October

Spooky season is upon us: Social media content ideas For October 2021

October brings with it, crisp days, cool nights, and a yearning for the cosy festive times ahead. Pumpkin season or spooky season, no matter what you call it, this month is filled with lots of relatable national days and events for you to use in your marketing content.

As we head further into autumn and see the changes that this season brings to the world around us. October is a great month to get involved in National Day and events across the board that relate to your business and your audience.

National Days for October

All month – Breast Cancer Awareness Month, International Walk to School Month and ADHD Awareness Month

1st – World Vegetarian Day

1st – International Coffee Day

1st – World Smile Day

3rd – Grandparents Day

3rd – London Marathon

4th – World Animal Day

4th-8th – Backcare Awareness Week

4th-8th National Curry Week

4th-10th Dyslexia Awareness Week

5th – World Teachers Day

6th – National Badger Day

10th – World Mental Health Day

10th-16th – OCD Awareness Week

11th-15th – National Work Life Week

13th – National No Bra Day

14th-19th – National Baking Week

14th-19th – Chocolate Week

16th – Restart a Heart Day

16th – World Food Day

16th – 31st – Family Learning Festival

21st – Apple Day

22nd – Wear it Pink

25th – World Pasta Day

27th – National Mentoring Day

31st – Clocks go back

31st – Halloween

Social Media Content Ideas For October

It feels as though the children have only just settled back at school and back into the family life routine, but of course there is a half term holiday coming up on the 25th. There are tonnes of events happening throughout the holidays and of course, there are many national day and events to sink your teeth into and get involved in.

Make the most of the changing scenery and the beautiful autumnal colours, either by taking your own images whilst out and about or using from a library.  Seasonal images can really stir up the senses and give the right emotional reaction when used in creative ways to promote your products or services.

Health and Wellbeing Content Ideas For October

October is a popular month for many health and wellbeing related causes, the entire month is ADHD awareness month, National Cholesterol Month, Lupus Awareness Month. Breast Cancer Awareness Month also runs throughout October, which event is also known as Wear It Pink, which falls on Friday 22nd in 2021, a fundraising event to help raise money for breast cancer research, so pop on something pink, sign up to take park and raise as much as you can… don’t forget to get involved with the hashtags and other marketing campaigns online. Another way to raise money for breast cancer research is on National No Bra Day, you can take part in social media by raising awareness for the importance of breast cancer screening and recognising the symptoms. It’s such an important cause to support, no matter how you decide to get involved.

If any of you are in the field of massage, physiotherapy or something within the industry, it’s Back care Awareness Week from the 4th and World Osteoporosis Day on the 20th; can you give hints and tips on ways to do an at home massage or simple ways to improve your posture on an office chair?

Mental health is an issue that hits close to home for many, especially after the trials of 2020/2021 throughout the Pandemic, World Mental Health Day falls on the 10th this month; a great time to share a relatable quote or share a story to help others who may be going through mental health problems. OCD week of action begins on the same day from the 10th-16th.

Dyslexia Awareness Week 4th-10th, National Adoption Week 18th-23rd and National Braille Week 11th-17th and World Polio Day on the 24th add to the lengthy list of health and wellbeing related events in October. Restart a Heart Day falls on the 16th and Bone and Joint Week appears between the 12th-20th and Epilepsy Action National Tea and Cake Break falls on the 18th.

Tying in with health events should feel natural for your brand to either be relatable to your offering or audience or be something personal to you such as a charity you may be supporting.

Food and Drink Content Ideas For October

It’s World Vegetarian Day on the 1st of October, give a shoutout to your favourite restaurants or share a recipe to your audience if it feels natural. International Coffee Day also appears on the 1st of the Month, something many of you will relate to! If coffee is the way you wake up, do you prefer hot or iced coffee? It’s easy to relate to!

World Food Day falls on the 16th and the midlands favourite, the twenty third National Curry Week begins on the 4th-10th of October, can you honour the nations favourite cuisine or celebrate the Indian restaurant industry?

National Baking Week is from the 14th, something we all did more of throughout the pandemic, mastering homemade bread, focaccia and cupcake baking. And if you thought the chocolate events were over, you were mistaken; Chocolate Week also falls from the 14th!

Not forgetting World Pasta Day on the 25th, maybe the opportunity to share a joke… “Why did the man get fired from the pasta factory? He made a fusilli mistakes.

It should be quite simple to engage with your audience around some of these food and drink events, people love to talk about food, reminiscing about old chocolate bars or celebrating your current favourite.  Sharing your favourite recipes/restaurant recommendations or voting between very hot or mild curry being the most favoured are all great ways of engaging people.

Fun Content Ideas For October

Love it or hate Halloween is now a massive event and there will be something for everyone to relate to.  From pumpkin carving tips, recipes for the left-over pumpkin inners and other spooky-themed snacks.  Party game ideas and advice on where to buy or how to make the best costumes. Even simply running a poll for the most popular scary movie should engage your audience. The 31st will be full of tricks and treats, can you follow suit and offer a promotion a treat for your audience? What outfit will you be sporting to a party or do you have a little hint of a DIY costume for people to create at home?

World Smile Day falls on the 1st – a day to perform an act of kindness to make someone smile.

Family Learning Festival falls between the 16th-31st, a national celebration to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life. Organisations of all types and sizes from schools and children centres, through libraries to museums and galleries put on brilliant and creative events and showcase ideas and learning opportunities that families can do afterwards. Some Festival events are organised across local areas.

It’s International Walk to School Month throughout October, an opportunity to join thousands of children across the globe in celebrating their walk to school; can you make it a fun experience for your children or can you park further away and walk the rest of the way on your journey?

Content Ideas For October

The clocks go back on the last day of the month- 31st – giving us an extra hour in bed…someone tell the kids!  Grandparents Day falls on the 3rd so drop the kids off and run! The London Marathon returns on the same date, will you be watching or are you taking part?

It’s also National Work Life Week is Working Families’ annual campaign to get both employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and work-life balance. Employers can use the week to provide activities for staff, and to showcase their flexible working policies and practices. Join the conversation using #WorkLifeWeek.

October provides a great opportunity to give a shout out to those who help and support us in our family lives, with Grandparents Day on the 3rd and World Teachers Day on the 5th. Many grandparents played a huge role in the support of families throughout the covid pandemic as childcare bubbles helped parents navigate their way through work and home life. Not forgetting teachers who continued to support and provide valuable lessons to children across the country whether online or in person, now more than ever is a time to say thank you.

National Mentoring Day falls on the 27th of the month, a time to where the charity asks everyone to commit one hour to mentor someone on 27th October. Everyone has skills and experience to share as a mentor. One word, one hour, one person can be all that’s needed to effect a positive change in someone. Can you get involved and share your expertise or shoutout someone who has helped you in your life or career.

Marketing is about staying persistent and consistent; keeping up with the trends, event and national days across the month in your social media marketing helps you remain seen, ensuring that when someone does need your products and services, you’ll be easier to find when the time is right.

We try to stay on top of our monthly social media marketing ideas blogs, releasing them in advance to help you plan ahead of time, so take a look at our other blogs across the year to help you gain ideas and inspiration to include in your marketing for your business. You can also download our entire 2021 calendar here.

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