Social Media Content Ideas for September

Up the tempo with September.

Whilst the last few months have been quite different from any other year in terms of social media content with sports, events and holidays cancelled and the country generally being in a state of bewilderment, rest assured this month will consist of the normal back to school posts in abundance. Parents will be running around getting prepared, trying to beat the last-minute runs to find the latest socks, trousers, pens, lunch boxes and ice packs that are in high demand and have been requested by their tiny humans only 3,000 times…in the past 2 hours. Try to get some humour in your content to give people a break from all the panic about returning to school.

September content marketing ideas.

There’s a large number of health awareness events during September, so this month is a perfect time to pick one or two to get involved with and share throughout your social media platforms. It’s always wise to highlight why you have chosen a certain awareness day to your audience so you’re not just filling a gap! Vascular disease awareness month kicks off again and it’s also Blood Cancer, Childhood cancer awareness and World Alzheimer’s Month. Migraine awareness week (6th -12th), Organ donation week (1th-13th) and Sexual health week (14th-20th). World Alzheimer’s Day falls on the 21st this year and World Heart Day on the 29th.

For the foodies out there, it is Sourdough September with National Fish and Chip Day on the 4th, World Salami Day is the 7th and Love Lamb Week falls between 1 st -7th. It’s a great month to celebrate all things British with British Sandwich Week (20th-26th ) and British Food Fortnight (19th-4th October), it’s easy to take part here, share your British produce, enter one of the many competitions hosted in the fortnight, shop and share your local butchers, greengrocers, markets and farm shops and of course, join in online across your social media content!

With all major sporting events that normally run this month being postponed or cancelled, there are many more fun and interactive days to get involved with and use in your content for September. London Fashion Week (18th-22nd ) is showing the designers amazing creations in the form of a virtual runway show, do you sell clothing or accessories you can showcase to your audience in line with the popular show? It’s Roald Dahl Day on the 13th, Read a Book Day on the 6th and National Doodle Day on the 25th, are you an artist or do you sell products your audience can use to doodle with?

We welcome Autumn in on the 22nd and that brings with it the Harvest Festival running throughout September and October. Harvest time typically features feasting with family and the public, sharing foods from the season. Share your homegrown crops, favourite recipes, best places to go for local produce or visit a pick-your-own farm. Share your experiences during Harvest and really get involved and feel the community spirit.

And… we hate to mention the ‘C’ word, but you will be thinking about Christmas in your day to day business activities – don’t forget to include that in your digital/social presence too. Think back to last year, were there posts that worked well last Christmas or did you run out of time to really include social in your plans? If you want a video created, for example, that takes time and organisation. And if you want to use professional assistance for asset creation (like videographers) they book up well in advance of December, so start your planning now and don’t miss the opportunities that Christmas and the New Year brings.

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