Social Media Content Ideas for September

As we say farewell to summer, we welcome a new season ablaze with colour. 

However, we understand that with shorter days and longer nights, people will be saddened as holiday memories begin to fade. 

As business owners, you need to think about how you can re-energise your customers with vibrant images and new ideas. 

The good news is our monthly social media marketing ideas blogs are here to help you do just that.

Helping you to stay on top of trends, up to date with events, and aware of National Days, you can continue to get involved, boost engagement, and reach as many people as possible. 

All the details and information below show what’s up and coming and what we have to look forward to this month, and if you need more ideas to help when you have a creative block, download our 30 FREE SOCIAL MEDIA IDEAS pdf today.

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National Days for September

All month – Organic Month, World Alzheimer’s Month, Bear Necessities Month

4th – 10th – Know your Numbers Week – #knowyournumbers

5th – 20th – Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight – #storiestosavour

5th – International Day of Charity – #internationaldayofcharity

5th – 12th – Migraine Awareness Week – #letsbeatmigraine #migraineawarenessweek

6th – Read a Book Day – #readabookday

8th – International Literacy Day – #internationalliteracyday #literacy

8th – 17th – Heritage Open Days – #HODs

10th – World Suicide Prevention Day – #creatinghopethroughaction #WSPD2023 #Worldsuicidepreventionday

10th – Great North Run – #greatnorthrun

11th – 17th – Sexual Health Week – #SHW23 #PublicHealth

12th – 18th – National Eczema Week – #therealexcema

12th – National Video Game Day – #nationalvideogameday

13th – Roald Dahl Day – #roalddahl #whatareyoureading

14th – International Quiet Day –

15th – National Doodle Day (3rd US) – #nationaldoodleday

15th – International Day of Democracy – #internationaldayofdemocracy #democracyday

16th – 1st Oct – British Food Fortnight – #LoveBritishFood

18th – 24th – Jeans for Genes Week – #JeansForGenes #TeamDenim

18th – 24th – Organ Donation Week – #organdonation

19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day – #TalkLikeAPirateDay

21st – International Day of Peace – #peaceday

21st – National Fitness Day – #FitnessDay

21st – World Alzheimer’s Day – #WorldAlzheimersMonth #WorldAlzheimersDay

22nd – World Car Free Day – #CarFreeDay #WorldCarFreeDay

23rd – Autumn Starts – #Autumn #Fall #AutumnDays

26th – European Day of Languages – #coeEDL

29th – World Heart Day – #WorldHeartDay

29th – National Teaching Assistants Day – #NationalTADay

29th – Chinese Moon Festival – #ChineseMoonFestival #midautumn #mooncakesfestival

29th – Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning – #macmillancoffeemorning #worldsbiggestcoffeemorning #macmillancancersupport

30th – National Sporting Heritage Day – #NSHD2023

Please note some dates will vary slightly between US and UK time zones.

Social Media Content Ideas for September 2023 – Watch time 13 minutes.
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Social Media Content Ideas For September

While August is a naturally slower month in terms of national day, September offers a jam-packed four weeks of celebratory days and pre-organised occasions for you to get your teeth stuck into!

The most relatable content to feature across your social media this month is, of course, the return to school. No matter what your industry, you will be able to relate to someone somewhere. For example, can you offer any last-minute supplies, or do you know where parents and carers can get the best deal on school clothing – clothing that lasts longer than a couple of wears? Alternatively, if you don’t have specific products and services to showcase that may apply to those in the ‘back to school’ audience, maybe you could offer them some freedom from all the school-related posts by giving them a giggle, sharing a gif, a funny quote, or a meme?

We know, all too well, that the build-up to September sees parents running around getting prepared, trying to persuade their children that school will be fun after a summer of swimming, footy, family time, and a whole host of everything else in between! They will be trying to do the last-minute errands to replace the trousers that no longer fit due to growth spurts or finding the latest trending lunch box that their tiny humans have said they must have! Our advice…try to feed some humour into your content, help provide space, and give people a break from all the panic about returning to school.

National Days in September

Health and Wellbeing Content Ideas For September

September is home to a range of health-related awareness events across the whole month, so this is a perfect time to pick one or two to get involved with and share throughout your social media platforms. It’s always wise to highlight why you have chosen a particular awareness day to show your audience you’re not just filling a gap! For example, Vascular Disease awareness, Blood Cancer & Childhood Cancer, Urology, and World Alzheimer’s Month run from the 1st of September to the 30th. 

Continuing with the health topic, Migraine Awareness Week also features from the 5th- 12th, and the organisation Migraine Trust has many ways for you to get involved and join the campaign. National Eczema Week falls on the 12th-18th, followed by  Jeans for Genes Week 18th – 24th, and World Heart Day appears on the 29th of September this year. In addition, World Suicide Prevention Day is held on the 10th and showcases the worldwide commitment to `create hope through action. ` 

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with Macmillan Cancer Support falls on the 29th and this year will you be baking brownies or a delicious lemon drizzle to share? The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and post about how you are supporting a great cause. Make sure to upload and share your pictures of the best-baked goods, a photo of the whole team, and even the amount you raised. Be part of the conversation and let others find you using the hashtag #MacmillanCoffeeMorning.

Food and Drink Content Ideas For September

We welcome autumn on the 23rd of September this year, bringing with it the Harvest Festival running into October. Harvest time typically features feasting with family and the public, sharing foods from the season, and watching the tress change to their autumn shades of colour.

This makes it the perfect time to share your homegrown crops, favourite recipes, best places to go for local produce, or even visit a pick-your-own farm. Share your experiences during Harvest and really get involved and feel the community spirit.

Organic month also begins again in September, a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the numerous benefits of organic food and farming, including supporting biodiversity and wildlife, helping to tackle climate change, highlighting the highest animal welfare standards, and, ultimately, showcasing food as it should be. Can you recommend any organic food products or restaurants? Share them across your social channels! 

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight begins on the 5th and runs to the 20th of September; British Food Fortnight follows on the 16th of September to the 1st of October. Oh, and don’t forget the hashtags, #storiestosavour, #LoveBritishFood

Sports Content Ideas For September

September sees National Fitness Day taking place on the 21st where people from all backgrounds and abilities come together to take part in fun activities in a bid to promote a positive outlook on exercise and encourage more people to get fit and healthy.

Showing how sport and fitness can boost our mood, behaviour, and wellbeing we also support National Sporting Heritage Day on the 30th of September, highlighting the history of sport in the UK and some of our greatest achievements.The Great North Run is also taking place on the 10th of September, where thousands of determined and dedicated runners get ready to make their way through the streets of the Northeast – making this the World’s biggest half marathon and raising millions for good causes. 

Fun Content Ideas For September

fun content marketing ideas

Arrr, me, hearties, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th of September, a day to remember not to get thrown overboard, but instead, a day to remember to post something silly and fun, something that makes your content smile.

With a lot of awareness days announced and taking place it’s important to pick the days that your audience can really relate to; you won’t reap any benefits from filling in the spaces in your content with meaningless national days and events if it doesn’t relate or connect with your audience in some way or another. 

National Doodle Day falls on the 15th of September in the UK (3rd in the US) and is a day where we see a whole host of famous faces pick up their pens, pencils, and paints to support people affected by epilepsy. All their doodles will then be available to buy in an online auction in support of the worthy cause.  Read a book day begins on the 6th and is closely followed by Roald Dahl Day on the 13th, celebrating the birthday of one of the world’s best storytellers. It’s a great event to get involved in, especially if your business revolves around children. Can your audience name their favourite story or name the characters in a picture? What book would you recommend?

Fun content ideas for September

Content Ideas For September

Did you know the most popular birthday in the UK is the 26th of September? Do you share this birthday, or do you know someone that does? 

Chinese Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, falls on the 29th and embodies harmony and reunion in the form of the round moon. World Car Free Day on the 22nd will see towns and cities worldwide, allowing people to experience streets free from traffic. It’s a great chance to re-imagine our streets around people. Will you be attending a meeting on foot or walking to your workplace? 

It’s also International Day of Charity on the 5th. Does your business give back to charity, or have you taken part in a fundraising activity that you can share with your audience? It’s a fantastic way of showing a more in-depth and personal side to your business, especially when highlighting why you have chosen a specific charity to support.

Autumn begins again on the 23rd, bringing us cooler temperatures, shorter days, longer nights, and the transition from summer to winter. What is your favourite season? Which season is best suited to your products? Think about if your business will benefit from the colder weather and warrant more sales and use it to your advantage.

National Sporting Heritage Day is the 30th and can help your organisation find new audiences, celebrate sporting pioneers, and inspire a generation. Can you get involved by attending an event in your local area or by engaging with the hashtag #NSHD2023 and exploring the conversations within?

And… we hate to mention the ‘C’ word, but September is probably the time that you will be beginning to think about Christmas in your day-to-day business activities – don’t forget to include this in your digital/social presence too. Think back to last year. Were there posts that worked well last Christmas, or did time slip away to include social in your plans? For example, if you want a video created, that takes time and organisation and if you’re going to use professional assistance for asset creation (like videographers), remember they book up well in advance of December, so start your planning now and don’t miss the opportunities that Christmas and the New Year bring.

Social Media Housekeeping

Marketing is all about staying persistent and consistent; keeping up with trends, events, and national days across the month in your social media marketing helps you remain seen, ensuring that when someone does need your products and services, you’ll be easier to find when the time is right. 

Having continuous, relevant, and engaging content is the best way of increasing your engagement, improving your SEO, and ultimately making it easier for people to find you.  

We stay on top of our monthly social media marketing ideas blogs, releasing them in advance to help you plan. Make sure to check out our other blogs across the year to help you gain ideas and inspiration to include in your marketing for your business.

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