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5 Ideas to help with creating content for your social media

Content Creation It’s nearly September!  Which means the retail Christmas count down has now started. We’ve been into several shops and spotted Christmas chocolates, cards and gifts already. So before we start thinking about Christmas, how about we just focus on September.  It’s the start of term for many Schools and Universities across the UK.[…]

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5 Reasons your business should outsource your social media marketing

Why outsource your social media marketing to Piece of Cake Marketing? There are many reasons why you may be thinking about outsourcing your social media marketing.  There are also many reasons why you’ve decided to do it yourself. Here’s why we think you should outsource your social media marketing and use our services.    […]

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15 social media content ideas

Social media content ideas to help you engage with your customers.   Social Media is big business. It’s therefore no surprise that social media content can become a headache for many businesses. We spend much of our week managing Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. We also spend lots of time creating content for businesses.  […]