5 Reasons your business should outsource your social media marketing

Why Outsource Your Social Media Marketing to Piece of Cake Marketing?

There are many compelling reasons why outsourcing your social media marketing makes strategic sense. At Piece of Cake Marketing, our team has the specialised knowledge, time, consistency, affordability and relationship-building skills to take your social media to the next level.

Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

In today’s saturated online space, creating stand-out social media that converts takes serious expertise. Our experience managing accounts and ad campaigns for brands of all sizes gives us the insider knowledge you need to cut through noise. We stay on top of constantly evolving platform algorithms, new ad formats, changing best practices and more – so you can focus on your core business.

With our handles on the reins, you benefit from complete management of your social media presence. We take care of content creation, community management, paid ad campaigns, reporting and optimisation. You simply review our recommendations and assets. Our team essentially serves as your delegated social media marketing department. 

And we know people don’t want to be sold to on social – they want to engage with brands that educate, entertain and add value. Our content focuses on relationship-building that resonates with your audience versus hard sells. We help you become a trusted industry voice.

Read on for more specifics on how partnering with our agency pays dividends across key areas:

Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing Saves You Time

Doing social media marketing yourself amid your other responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok require daily content and community management to see success. When handled in-house, it can drain your schedule and distract from more critical business tasks.

Outsourcing to Piece of Cake Marketing gives you back those precious hours. You get to focus on your unique expertise and strengths, while we execute the social media marketing fundamentals for you. Our team handles content creation, posting schedules, campaign management, customer conversations, and reporting.

And if you need help developing your overarching social media strategy, we offer consulting on target audiences, messaging, competitive positioning and more. Consider us your fully outsourced social media department.

Outsourcing your Social Media Provides Consistency

Inconsistency hurts brands on social media. Followers disengage when content and messaging seems disjointed or sporadic. They’ll tune out brands that go silent for days or weeks at a time.

Our structured social media management provides the consistency you need for organic growth and follower satisfaction. Using content calendars and publishing systems, we deliver a steady drumbeat of valuable content across your channels. Supporting hashtags, keywords and visual elements provide coherence from post to post. 

We’ll consult with you to define content themes, topics and angles upfront so followers clearly understand your brand’s purpose on social platforms. And you’ll never have to stress about keeping active daily – just approve our recommended content and we handle publishing.

A Social Media Agency can Manage Paid Ads Skillfully

Organic content is just one piece of the social media equation. Savvy paid ad campaigns give you added exposure, reach new audiences outside your current followers, and put content right in front of likely customers.

Our team has managed Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns delivering remarkable ROI for local brands. We know how to optimise targeting, creative, budgets and bidding strategies based on your KPIs like conversions, traffic or brand awareness.

Let us apply those lessons learned to amplify your business on social media. We can target your ideal demographics, retarget site visitors, promote specific offers, and more through paid ads. Our firepower combines with your organic presence for a powerful 1-2 punch.

Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing helps Build Real Relationships

Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing helps Build Real Relationships

Genuine relationship-building is what really makes social media tick for brands. Followers want to engage with companies that educate, entertain, and add value through content. They’re understandably turned off by hard sales pitches and promos.

We focus on helpful, relevant content that resonates with your audience interests and needs. Our posts aim to position your brand as a trusted industry voice versus a salesman. Whether tips, behind-the-scenes looks, or fun contests, our content helps social followers relate to you.

This fosters real relationships and community. When done right, social followers become loyal brand advocates. They’ll share user-generated content and recommend you without prompting. Relationships trump transactions. 

A Social Media Marketing Agency will Deliver Reporting Insights

There’s that famous business adage – “What gets measured gets managed.” Reporting and analytics are crucial for improving your social media return on investment.

With Piece of Cake Marketing managing your accounts, you’ll receive custom recaps covering key metrics like follower growth, engagement, post reach, web traffic and more. We’ll provide analysis of what content themes and topics are resonating most with your audience.

These insights allow us to constantly optimise your social presence for impact and results. We can double down on what works and refine what underperforms. You’ll have the data to make smart social media decisions.

Social Media Marketing Agency can Provide Affordable Solutions

For many brands, the biggest barrier to outsourcing social media marketing is cost. But partnering with us provides great value for your marketing budget. We offer affordable packages tailored to each client’s unique needs and resources.

Whether you need social media strategy consulting, content creation, ad management or full-service implementation, we offer solutions that make sense for your business. And you only pay for the specific services you choose – no wasted spend.

Use Piece of Cake Marketing for your Social Media Marketing

Let’s explore partnership opportunities that fit your social media goals and constraints. Our reasonable rates may pleasantly surprise you!

Want free up valuable time while getting strategic social media marketing your audience loves? Reach out to Piece of Cake Marketing today! Let’s explore outsourcing options that check all your boxes.

Contact us at hello@pieceofcakemarketing.co.uk or call 07799626332 to learn more about our social media packages. We can’t wait to discuss how our team can help you gain an edge where it matters most – online.