How to create content your audience shares

Ever wondered why we hit that “Share” button on social media?

According to The New York Times, a whopping 94% of people do it to inform, amuse, or help the people in their lives. But surely there’s more to it than just that?

Emotion is a big driving force behind our sharing habits. When something resonates with us on a personal level—whether it’s a nostalgic memory, a burst of joy or happiness, through to feelings of anger and frustration—we’re compelled to share it with others.

It’s great when someone likes our content, but it’s even better when they share it. Because when they share, your content reaches new audiences, expanding your reach and increasing your visibility.

How to create content your audience shares

10 Shareable Content Ideas

Here are 10 ideas of social media content that received a lot of shares and engagement for other business owners…

Inspiring or Uplifting Stories – People love sharing stories that evoke positive emotions, such as a heartwarming story about someone overcoming adversity or a random act of kindness.

Viral Challenges – Challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Mannequin Challenge that involve participation and are easy to recreate often go viral.

Relatable Humour – Memes, GIFs, or videos that tap into relatable experiences or everyday struggles resonate with people and are widely shared.

Behind-the-Scenes Content – Giving people a glimpse into the inner workings of a company, celebrity, or event can generate a lot of interest and sharing.

Informative or Educational Content – Well-researched and visually appealing infographics, explainer videos, or listicles that teach people something new tend to be shared widely.

User-Generated Content – Encouraging fans or followers to create and share their own content related to your brand or campaign can lead to viral engagement.

Timely or Newsworthy Content – Reacting quickly to current events, trends, or pop culture moments with relevant and engaging content can drive shares.

Emotional or Inspirational Videos – Videos that evoke strong emotions, whether heartwarming, funny, or thought-provoking, often resonate and get shared widely.

Interactive Content – Quizzes, polls, or interactive games that allow users to engage and share their results can be highly shareable.

Controversial or Debate-Provoking Content – While risky, content that sparks discussions or debates on hot topics can sometimes go viral if handled tactfully.

Examples of Posts That Have Worked For Businesses

Here are some examples of great social media content from businesses that has received a lot of shares and engagement:

Cadbury’s “Free the Joy” Campaign

Cadbury’s released a heartwarming video in 2020 that celebrated the generosity of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video resonated with viewers and was widely shared across social media platforms.

Brewdog’s Honest Advertising

The Scottish craft brewery Brewdog gained attention and shares for their brutally honest and humorous advertising campaigns, such as their “Anti-sponsorship” campaign during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll Launch

When Greggs launched their vegan sausage roll in 2019, they created a tongue-in-cheek video announcement that went viral on social media, capitalising on the public’s curiosity and love for their products.

Innocent Drinks’ Quirky Illustrations

Innocent Drinks, known for their fun and quirky branding, often shares visually appealing illustrations and graphics on their social media channels, which resonate with their audience and get shared widely.

Tesco’s “Food Love Stories” Campaign

Tesco’s “Food Love Stories” campaign featured a series of heartwarming videos that told the stories behind different cultural dishes and traditions, resonating with viewers and generating a lot of shares.

Gymshark’s User-Generated Content

Gymshark, a UK-based fitness apparel brand, regularly shares user-generated content from their customers, creating a sense of community and encouraging their followers to share their own content.

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Create Shareable Content for Your Business

Before you write your next social media post, pause and ask yourself – Who is this for? Does it tap into emotions or resonate with your audience’s experiences? Will sharing this make someone feel smarter or more informed?

What was the last post you shared and can you identify why?

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