Social Media Content Ideas For April

April Content Marketing Ideas 
-Easter Eggs

Along with spring cleans, April brings a new month, new mindset, new focus and new results!

We have plenty of ideas to help put a ‘spring’ in your social media content and share our top tips for spring cleaning your social media accounts.

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National Days for April

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

National Pet Month

1st – Easter Monday

1st – April Fools Day

2nd – World Autism Awareness Day

3rd – National Walking Day

4th – International Carrot Day

4th – National Tell a Lie Day

5th – World Walk to Work Day

9th – Unicorn Day

10th – 16th World Homeopathy Week

11th – World Parkinson’s Day

11th – 14th Augusta Masters Golf Tournament

13th – Grand National

15th – World Art Day

16th – Primary School Announcement Day

20th – 3rd May World Snooker Championships 

21st – National Tea Day

21st – London Marathon

23rd – St George’s Day

28th – World Day for Health & Safety at Work

29th – International Dance Day

Social Media Post Ideas for April

Health & Wellbeing Post Ideas for April

Bowel Cancer Awareness is a month-long campaign and is so important in sensitizing the public about getting regular screening.  It’s also Stress Awareness Month for the whole of April and has been held since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic, Could you share a positive story or a de-stress health tip of the day? April 2nd brings World Autism Awareness Day during which we celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of autistic people, are there any famous faces in your field of business that have autism that you could do a spotlight on?

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Sporting Events in April

April is very busy in the world of sport! Starting with the Masters Tournament from 11th to 14th at the Augusta National Golf Course, Georgia. Grand National is on the 13th! The 2024 World Snooker Championships take place from the 20th of April – the 3rd of May at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. The London Marathon is back to its traditional month in 2024 and is on the 21st, whether you are planning to stride the route or line the route to cheer others on it is always an event not to be missed!

National Days

Easter falls late in March this year, the main festival of the Christian Church. But April still has Easter Monday to celebrate, on the 1st of the month! If you need marketing ideas for Easter check out this blog. Springtime brings new life so share your blooms and bakes with your followers. St Georges Day is 23rd April, the patron saint of England. Although not a bank holiday the day is observed by many and on the same day the birth and death of Shakespeare is also celebrated.

Food & Drink Post Ideas for April

On April 4th the fun International Carrot Day is celebrated, a welcome guest in sweet and savoury dishes, if you are in a food business share your best recipe with your customers. National Tea Day is celebrated on the 21st, this date was chosen also being late Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday, so however, you take yours be sure to raise your teacups on this day.

Fun Post Ideas for April

Who will you be trying to fool on April 1st? You could plan something fun to tease your customers. If your business is product-based, you could come up with a new line that isn’t your usual style – and see who comments. It’s National Pet Month and a pet photo always cheers up a news feed, so it is a great talking point to ask your customers to share theirs. On the 29th make a fun Reel showcasing your ‘best moves’ for International Dance Day, celebrated since 1982, it is the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Goerges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet. Tell a Lie Day is the 4th, so maybe you could have some fun with your audience… 2 Truths and a Lie might work well as an idea.

Spring Clean Your Social Media

Spring Clean Your Social media

It’s important to refresh your social media accounts. By cleaning up your social media accounts you can refresh your presence online. Not only does this clean up what people see on your social media profiles, but it also helps you to see the content you want to see.

Facebook Profile

Everyone forgets about their profile! We often spend a lot of time looking at our business pages.  Remember though if you’re posting in a Facebook group you may do this from your profile so having the right links is vitally important. 

Top tips for updating your Facebook personal profile 

– Make sure you have your current work position listed with a link through to the business page. 

– Use the About Me section to link to your website. 

– Check the privacy settings on your profile. What do you want colleagues / potential clients to see?

Facebook Page

Many people set up their Facebook page and then forget to go back periodically and update the information that potential customers will look through. Is there snow in the background of your profile picture when it is now spring?

Top tips for updating your Facebook page  

– Look at your cover photo. Is there an offer or event you would like to shout about? This is a great space to share that information visually.

– Are email addresses, contact numbers and web links all still relevant?

– Visit your insights, which posts do your audience engage with? What should you do more or less of?

X, formerly Twitter

When was the last time you looked at the information displayed on your X account? Have you had the same profile picture since you created the account? Maybe it’s time for a change?

Top tips for updating your X profile

– Take this opportunity to refresh your cover photo and profile picture. 

– Is there a seasonal offer or focus? You could pin a post to promote this so that when people visit your profile it’s the first thing they see.

– Make sure your bio has your weblink so that people can easily find your website. 

X has some more tips for you here


Is your Instagram bio up to date? Remember this is one of the only opportunities to provide a clickable link within Instagram. Make sure the link is working and up to date. 

Top tips for updating your Instagram profile 

– Take this opportunity to refresh your profile picture.

– Is there a seasonal offer? Update your bio and the link accordingly. Consider using something like LinkTree.

– Are you using story highlights, could you make more of this area on your profile?


Look at your profile – ensure your headline is accurate and clearly states what you do and who you work with. 

Top tips for updating your LinkedIn profile 

– Take this opportunity to refresh your profile picture. Is it a current headshot?

– Again look at your background photo – does this say what you want it to?

– Take some time this month to look through the rest of your profile and update any areas that have changed.

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