Social Media Content Ideas For April

April showers bring forth May flowers (Proverb)

April 2020 was full of social distancing and self-isolating, will it be different in April 2021? If we are social distancing and self-isolating let’s hope the showers aren’t too bad. With that in mind, let’s talk about content ideas for your social channels in April.

April Content Marketing Ideas 
-Easter Eggs

April is Stress Awareness Month, another event in the annual calendar that is more poignant than ever with the stressful and completely abnormal lockdowns. Awareness-raising for Bowel Cancer, Parkinson’s (5th-10th), Autism (2nd), Health, Safety and Health at Work (28th) and more also take place during April. These kinds of awareness days may be important for you or your community and for those directly affected.

1st April – April Fools Day – I think we all need a bit of a laugh after over 12 months of restrictions! Another one to get the laughter going is National Pillow Fight Day on the 3rd.

Easter Sunday is the 4th (with the holidays from the 1st-16th) that means bunnies and chocolate eggs all round. Hide an ‘Easter Egg’ in your digital spaces and challenge your audience to find them. If you’re still operating and your hours are different over Easter make sure you let your community know. Share things to do (for free!) with the kids in the comfort of their own home/garden, if appropriate.

10th is National Sibling Day. You may not have seen your sibling in the past few weeks, maybe it’s worth giving them a mention or sharing a special memory, or even sharing some activities that your children have done at home during home-schooling.

National Parks Week is from the 17th-25th. Dedicated to celebrating the beauty and diversity of national parks and the wide range of opportunities they offer, we’ve all visited a fair few during this year, maybe you have images to share with your audience?

April the 21st is National Tea Day – we will certainly be celebrating that. The Queen also celebrates her 94th birthday on this day, wonder if she will be celebrating with a brew?

The 25th is World Penguin Day! We are sure we will all have an “ice day”.

The week beginning 27th April is National Gardening Week, a hobby I’m sure we’ve all taken up at some point throughout the pandemic. Shout out to your local garden centres or showcase some products you have purchased and recommend.

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