LinkedIn Company Page vs Personal Profile:

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals to connect, network, and showcase their skills and experience. While both personal profiles and company pages can be used on the platform, it’s been found that personal profiles tend to see better growth and engagement. Learn more about how to make the most of LinkedIn for your professional goals.

LinkedIn Company Page vs Personal Profile: Which one should I use?

We manage a lot of LinkedIn accounts for our clients. Without exception, those who use their personal profile on LinkedIn see better growth and engagement than those who use a company page.

For example, The Piece of Cake Marketing LinkedIn page has 200 followers. However, between us on our personal profiles, we have well over 7000 connections. It, therefore, stands to reason that our profile posts are likely to perform to a higher standard.

LinkedIn Company Page vs Personal Profile: Which one should I use?

Why does a LinkedIn Personal Profile perform better?

People naturally seek connections with others. Engaging in conversations with your LinkedIn connections is a great way to network, your logo may represent your business but a logo may not hold significant value for potential clients. You may find they are more interested in getting to know the personalities behind the business.

If you are willing to put in the time you can send a connection request to almost anyone else who is on LinkedIn. It is therefore relatively easy to grow your following on LinkedIn! Just use the search function to target your desired audience.

For example… HR Directors in London, Virtual PA’s in Bath or Business Owners in Birmingham. As your connections grow this opens the doors to more second-degree connections. You can have 30,000 connections on LinkedIn so there is usually plenty of room for growth.

Craft regular useful content for your ideal client. Think about their triggers and how you can help them. Be personal and be YOU. Just because it is LinkedIn, don’t feel that you can’t share who you are and what you love doing. We can guarantee that the posts that show a little bit of personality will stand out and will generally perform better.

This combination of growing your connections and showing up regularly is a great recipe for success.

So, if all of the above is true, should you just ditch your LinkedIn Page altogether?

Should we ditch our company’s LinkedIn Page?

Well, it really depends on the size of your business and how many employees you have. For, example large corporate organisations are likely to have high followings and potentially have brand standards to follow therefore a company page is perfect for them.

LinkedIn will allow your employees to tag you as their employer. They should also be encouraged to copy the messages that are put out on the company page onto their personal profiles. You may even want to invest in some training on LinkedIn and set business standards.

A page will look professional and can also often be found on Google as LinkedIn pages are SEO-friendly.

Admins on the LinkedIn page can also invite their personal connections to follow the page. This may be a useful exercise if your connections would be interested in company updates.

The perfect LinkedIn Combination…

The perfect combination… Make sure your LinkedIn page is complete and accurate. Depending on the size of your business create some expectations around your page and decide how you will use it.

Then head over to your LinkedIn personal profile and invest some real-time here. Spend 10 minutes a day. Posting to your profile, adding new connections and commenting on posts. Think of it as networking. Be helpful and BE YOU!

5 things to post on your LinkedIn profile this week

LinkedIn: Company Page or Personal Profile

Here are 5 things you could post on your LinkedIn profile this week –

  1. Industry Insights – comment on recent trends or industry news. Provide interesting insights and views to keep your audience engaged and demonstrate your knowledge.
  2. Behind the Scenes Content – Show what goes on behind the scenes as people love to see this and it will engage your audience.
  3. Give another business a shout-out – It’s nice to be nice and it’s also great content.
  4. Reviews – Share your successes! It builds trust and gives you credibility.
  5. Personal content – This is controversial but people buy from people, so they need to build a relationship with you. Some people aren’t happy to do this and that’s fine, do what you feel comfortable with.

Still not convinced – take a look at this blog from Neil Patel – Personal Brand VS Corporate Brand: Which One is More Effective? 

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