Marketing Ideas for Easter

Social Media Ideas for Easter

However and whatever you celebrate at Easter it is a great excuse for eggs, bunnies and chocolate treats! Chocolate for breakfast…absolutely….chocolate for dinner….absolutely, you get the idea!

It will come as no surprise that after Christmas, Easter is the biggest chocolate-selling period of the year.  Easter chocolate sales make up 10 percent of Britain’s annual spending on chocolate with an astonishing 80-90 million Easter eggs consumed.

However, even though the hollow chocolate Easter egg is a firm Easter favourite tradition, the Easter theme spreads far and wide and is a great time to give your business an eggcellent boost! With Easter-themed marketing any business can join in with the Easter celebrations, you can create buzz around upcoming sales and events, provide special discounts to loyal customers and even highlight seasonal products. 

To help with Easter marketing we thought we would share our top social media ideas for Easter. 

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Plan out your Easter offers.

What is it that you are selling and how are you going to give that an Easter angle? If you are bundling up some products as your Easter specials why not give an Easter gift with every purchase, maybe an Easter egg or fluffy bunny teddy?  You may wish to share a discount code referencing Easter for new customers, available only for the long Easter weekend.

If you are offering a product could you package them in limited edition Easter baskets, or if it is a service you are offering create bespoke Easter-designed vouchers?

Social Media Easter Posts

Create your Easter social media calendar.

Once you have decided on your Easter offering you can start to create your content calendar to set out your social media Easter posts. Set this out from the start of your promotion period, with a daily calendar of activity, right up until the end of the Easter holidays so you stay focused and on track.

Consistent branding and design.

Make sure your Easter social media posts follow the same style and branding as your other marketing assets as consistency is key with marketing. If you create a specific brand and identity for the campaign, then make sure that this extends to everything you do as part of your social media strategy and beyond.

Social Media Easter Interactive Post

Social Media Easter Interactive Posts

You get out what you put into your social media so you must maintain regular content on all your social media channels. Posting one or two posts may get you a few views and some likes but can easily be missed.  Social media Easter interactive posts are great for engagement.  Can you create a poll or a survey? Ask a question, Cadbury Crème eggs vs Mini Eggs. Easter colouring competition? Whether it’s a share, a like or starting a conversation make sure you think about what you want your followers to do for every post you create. 

Online or in-store offers, discounts or giveaways

If you are offering any special Easter offers, discounts or giveaways make sure you share these with your followers on social media, this will spark interest and drive that engagement with your campaign.

Use email campaigns to bolster your social media

Email marketing for your Easter offers is a great way of boosting your social media campaign and a great opportunity to increase the number of followers on your social media accounts. 

Our favourite email marketing platform is Flodesk. You can grab 50% off your subscription with our affiliate link here: Let us know if you have any questions!

User generated content

Your customers create their posts which feature and mention your brand, this could be, for example, an image of one of your products, a video review, or simply a recommendation.  You could also consider asking your employees to create something which might give a behind-the-scenes view of your business.  User-generated content can be influential and help generate new customers who will, in turn, make purchase decisions.  To generate user-generated content, ask your followers to post, using specific hashtags and tagging your business. 

Sponsor an event, or competition, or create one of your own.

A great way of getting engagement on your social media is through events, either sponsoring a community event or a larger event it will get you out to a wider audience.  It might be an easter egg hunt around your local town or village, or it could be a virtual easter egg hunt, hosted on your website.  You could go traditional and have an egg decorating or Easter bonnet competition which are great visuals on social media and a great way of getting followers to share content and tag you in, you could create some unique Easter hashtags to get greater visibility for this.

Don’t forget to prompt your website!

Your social media channels are a fantastic way to promote your website. Whatever offers you have on your website for your Easter promotion, an effective way of driving traffic to your website is through your social media channels.  Add a link to your stories, entice people to go onto your website using competitions and promote any offers or discounts as part of your social media plan, to generate interest and get people to your website.

Easter message/greetings

Think about your main Easter message and greeting that you want to share and make sure these run through the course of the campaign so your customers and followers begin to recognise you from it and become familiar with your brand.  We have talked a lot about hashtags but using hashtags that suit your messaging can take your social media campaign to the next level.

We hope this gives you some useful ideas to get you hopping into Easter, helping you get your Easter social media campaign off to a good start and deliver results!

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