Marketing Is Just Like Dating

Marketing really is just like dating. Now we are not here to give advice on your love life, but we are here to share with you what works in business and marketing.

Would you ask someone to marry you on a first date? No, exactly, so why would you try to sell to a customer on their first interaction with you?

There are many similarities between marketing and dating…

marketing like dating.

Initial Meeting/Attraction

Your eyes meet across a networking meeting and a business card is exchanged. Are they really interested in your products/services or are they just being polite?

Curiosity, Interest and Infatuation 

You connect with each other on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and they sit back and watch what you post. Remember to be real, don’t try and be something that you aren’t – you will always get caught out!

Enlightenment and becoming a couple

They start to comment on posts and you start to build a relationship. The posts that you are sharing are building up the trust that they have in you and your product, knowledge or service.

Commitment or Engagement 

They start using your products and services and you live happily ever after together.

Marketing isn’t a quick win, it takes time, effort, a persistent approach and an ability to change quickly. If you feel you need some help in wooing your potential customers why not get in touch. We promise we won’t ask you to marry us!

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