What Is A Marketing Funnel?

We’ve been talking a lot recently about our own strategy and our marketing funnel. We, therefore, thought this was a perfect opportunity to write a blog on the subject.

What is a marketing funnel? How can you use a marketing funnel in your business?

A marketing funnel is best described through the graphic below but is described as…

“The various stages of a prospect’s journey from their first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal of a purchase.”

marketing funnel

The term funnel is due to the fact you need a lot of prospects at the top of your funnel to gain a few sales at the end – some might say it’s all a numbers game!



Does your business have a funnel?  

To begin with, you may think your business has no funnel but if you look at the different marketing techniques within your business you will find many funnels.

For example, at Piece of Cake Marketing, our two main funnels are…

Much of our marketing strategy is focused on getting people into these 2 funnels so we can continue to share our advice and services with them.

For your business, your funnel may be different. Your product/service and your customer journey will determine how quickly or slowly people pass through your marketing funnel.

Example 1

A marketing funnel for a baby or pre-school class has a limited shelf life due to the child growing up and the services not being relevant to the prospect anymore.

Example 2

A marketing funnel for a large (more considered) purchase like a car would have a different funnel. The prospect has to invest a significant amount of money so it is necessary to build trust with the prospect over a period of time or until they need your product/service

Our top tips for building a great marketing funnel 

  1. Look at every marketing activity you do as an opportunity to fill your funnel.
  2. What does the prospect get for joining your funnel? Giving a freebie or information that is of use to the prospect is a great example.
  3. Choose the right funnel for your business that might be a customer relationship platform, email database, Facebook group or something else.
  4. Have a strategy and measure success!
  5. Remember you will not be able to persuade customers to buy from you unless you clearly understand what they want and need.

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