Marketing your business, here is our two pennies worth

Marketing your business is like playing the 2p machine at the arcade. 

Every 2p that you pop into the slot represents a social media post, a connection made networking or an email address that signed up to your list. Over time these will grow and if you consistently share messages they should turn into sales. 

Sometimes you can be lucky and put just one 2p into the machine and hit the jackpot. At other times you have to keep filling the machine until the prize drops. 

Marketing your business

If we think about the 2p as we would a sales funnel, we never really know when the next lead is going to call, drop into our DM’s or email us. What we do know though is that if we stop showing up and stop dropping those 2p’s into the machine our new leads and therefore, our business, will eventually come to a hault. 

We’ve experience this first-hand over the last couple of months. A lady from a large organisation contacted us via our Facebook page to arrange a meeting to discuss her requirements. We didn’t recognise her name and couldn’t remember having any interactions with her, yet she had been on our Facebook page since 2016.

When we asked her where she had found our details here response was simple. “I’ve been watching you for a while but didn’t need your services until now”.

She has been seeing our updates for 4 years, but we have only just become relevant to her because her situation has changed. We didn’t know the time was right for her to buy, but, our strategy is to remain consistent and persistent, therefore, when it was a good time for her, we were one of the first companies that she approached.

It may seem difficult at times to keep going. However, do make sure you stay present so you are at the forefront of people’s minds.

Post on your social media platforms regularly.

Keep adding new people into your sales funnel.

Communicate regularly with email campaigns.

Remember just because people aren’t interacting with your posts it doesn’t mean that they aren’t watching.

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