Linking Social Media Accounts: What A Mistake!

Linking your social media accounts is one of the biggest mistakes you can make!

Everyone wants to take the easiest, most time-efficient option when it comes to social media and who can blame you there is so much to do in your business and life that from time to time you need some short cuts.

We spend many hours training businesses on how to get the best out of their social media accounts and it’s the question we get asked the most.

Can I link my accounts together?

Should I link my accounts together?

Should I link my social media accounts?

Want to know why you shouldn’t link your social media accounts?

Each social media platform is different. Therefore, different strategies need to be applied. Some need images, some use hashtags, others are more business to business and others are more business to consumer. With so many different strategies a one-size fits all approach just doesn’t work.

When your prospects or customers are looking at your feeds they don’t want to just see the same old thing all the time. In fact, it could lead to them scrolling past an important message or announcement as they think they have already seen it on a different platform.

If you want to cross-post we would think that you are not using that platform to engage, just throwing your sales message out there and expecting the £££s to start rolling in, just doesn’t work.

And finally, you will gain the best results if you treat each platform differently. If you feel you haven’t got time for a particular platform then don’t do it and definitely don’t cross post.

Do the right thing today and unlink your accounts!

From Facebook go to this page

From Twitter go to Settings & Privacy > Apps > Revoke Access

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