Happy Birthday to us… We Are 4!

4 Years In Business…

4 Years In Business.

Yes, it has been 4 years since we set out on this journey together, so what have we learnt?

  • For every up, there’s probably a down.
  • Facebook love to play with algorithms just to mess with our minds.
  • Putting the word ‘Cake’ in your business title doesn’t help you lose weight.
  • Kate is a control freak and worries too much.
  • Twitter networking hours are great fun can make you lots of friends.
  • Not every customer is the right customer for your business.
  • Emma is far too easily distracted.
  • Who knew work could be so varied and so much fun.
  • We still don’t like “networking” but we have met lots of lovely people along the way.
  • The hard sell doesn’t work in this day and age.
  • That the most popular time to search for homes on Rightmove is the 26th of December. Discovered by working for an Estate Agent!
  • Fads will come and go but you must stay consistent and persistent on the social media channels you choose.
  • Facebook is the new yellow pages.
  • LinkedIn is the hottest place to be in 2020.
  • Facebook messenger filters can be lots of fun on a call.
  • We are thankful to have supportive husbands who believe in us.

Joking aside we’ve had an amazing journey so far and we are looking forward to another great year ahead.

We will continue to develop the ways in which we work, we will continue to learn and we fully intend to have lots of fun along the way.

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