Facebook is Sweet 16 Today!

Happy Birthday Facebook

Facebook started on the 4th of February 2004. The social media giant has changed tremendously over the 16 years that have followed. It also now owns Instagram, Messenger and What’s App.

Facebook is 16.

What started as a place to connect with friends and share what’s going on in our lives is now so much more.

Facebook for business, marketplace, groups and messenger enable us to communicate with businesses, buy and sell to the masses, build communities around the subjects that are important to us and chat to our friends near and far.

Facebook has very much become the new Yellow Pages. It’s the place people go to if they want to find a tradesperson, somewhere to eat or a place to go. People want recommendations!

1 million people logged into Facebook of every minute during 2019, which is 10 times more than Twitter and over double the amount of Instagram.

Is this platform really declining in popularity? We don’t think so! If Facebook isn’t part of your businesses marketing strategy, do make sure you think about where your audience is likely to be hanging out!

Did you know the average organic reach of a Facebook page is under 10%?

We work hard with our clients to understand their customers and to create a consistent stream of communication for them.  We, therefore, see organic reaches for our clients ranging from 37% to a whopping 62%. In fact, our own Facebook page gets a 62% reach on average.

If you want to increase the organic reach on your Facebook page then get in touch.

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