Working From Home Tips

Working from home (with the kids)…

First things first, these are unprecedented times. Remember you are not really working from home. You are at home during a crisis trying to work. You may or may not be surrounded by distractions… kids, pets, chores etc.

It isn’t ideal or perfect, but we are all doing our bit! Our lovely connections on LinkedIn shared some great tips for working at home. Here is a small selection of ideas…

working from home.

Kathy De Cicco – Freelance Writer at Dagger & Kill Ltd

I have worked from home for over 20 years so it’s normal for me! The best news for working from home newbies is that it is spring/summer – so the days are longer there is daylight and sunshine. When you have a break for coffee, lunch etc take it outside and get away from screens, phones etc and have 15/20 minutes in the fresh air and appreciate what is around you. Make sure where your working is comfortable, warm etc and if possible in a room you can ‘shut the door’ on at the end of the day or just make sure you put it all away out of sight.

Factor in some social interaction with friends, colleagues etc whether by internet, phone etc I think people underestimate the amount of social interaction that takes place in an office and we all have a basic human need for connection. Enjoy your new work/life balance and make use of all the time you save on commuting etc and use to spend time with your family, doing something for yourself etc You’ll miss wfh when your back in the office! 😁

Hollie Foster – Student – Cov Uni

Sometimes background noise such as calm music or television helps, makes you feel like there are people around you going about their day like they would in the office so stimulates you to work. Regular short breaks to get a tea or some small task to break up the monotony and help prevent procrastination. Timers also help with that, when you see that you only a few minutes until you get a break will encourage you to put your best work in before time is up.

Pet therapy, art therapy and exercise are good activities which aren’t very time consuming which can keep your brain healthy during the quarantine – this allows you to stay productive and not fall into a depression which can hinder your productivity. Planning meals and healthy snacks and staying hydrated are also good practices in and out of the office.

Ellen Manning – Ellen Manning Media Ltd

I think it’s about working out when you’re most productive. Not necessarily great if your employer expects you to work set hours, but if they’re happy for you to be flexible you may find that actually, you’re super productive early in the morning and less so at, say, late morning or early afternoon. If that’s the case, you can structure your day to work with when you’re at your best. Take your walk at the time you know you’ll be less productive – that way you’re capitalizing on the time when you’re at your A GAME.

Staying connected with Friends & Family…

It’s so important to stay connected with everyone. It certainly boosts mood and helps to keep us all connected. There are some fantastic things out there… here are some thoughts…

  • At the weekend we had a game of Pictionary on Facebook video messenger with our family great fun and the children loved seeing Nanny & Grandad.
  • We have then set up a Facebook group with a group of friends and are doing a quiz via a podcast and Facebook live which has been great fun.
  • Has anyone tried the Houseparty app? It’s good fun so be sure to give it a try. If that feels too technical, try What’s App video group call.

Things to help with entertaining the children…

  • Joe Wicks PE lesson – streamed daily at 9 am on Youtube.
  • Audible has made several books FREE for children.
  • Carol Voderman is providing FREE Maths lessons.
  • Have you heard of Plan C? A Free Facebook Group that has more than 170,000 people in it. Lots of great ideas to keep the children occupied.
  • Have you seen the live web cameras from Edinburgh Zoo? So far you can watch the Penguins, Tigers, Pandas and Koalas. Maybe it could be part of a science / geography lesson?

We hope there is something in here that is of use, whether it is for work or just staying sane at home.

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