Marketing Your Business Through The Coronavirus – Part 2

Marketing in a Pandemic

When we wrote part 1 of this blog (2 weeks ago) I don’t think we anticipated just how quickly things would change. Both at home and at work! Everyone is working hard to adapt accordingly, whilst still doing their bit to support the NHS to fight this virus.

In a time of uncertainty, sadness and worry we’ve spotted so many wonderful people helping others. We are all doing our bit and together we will succeed.

It got us thinking about how we adapt in business… so here are some initial thoughts… I am sure we will find more.

marketing through the coronavirus.

Marketing Your Business…

It has never been more important to stay present and helpful even if you have physically closed the doors of your business. How can you adapt and let people know that you will return?

Are you a nail or hair salon? Can you provide tips and videos on how to self-care over the next few weeks? We may need to attempt to cut the kids hair… how do we do that without causing too much damage? Or should we just not attempt it?

Are you a café? Share your favourite recipes and encourage people to make them from home and send you their attempts.

Are you a pub? If your customers can’t come to the pub quiz can you take the pub quiz to them? Better still can you virtually recreate the pub on a Friday night?

Are you a PT instructor? We only have to look at Joe Wicks and his 1 million daily live viewers on YouTube to realise that people want and need to exercise and stay fit in their own home.

Are you a music teacher or school tutor. Can you provide online tuition for children?

Are there online networking sessions that you could attend? We are part of CovHour which takes place on Twitter every Thursday between 8 pm and 9 pm. Come and join us it is a really friendly group.

Which tech could help you to achieve this?

 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn all have video capabilities. For some, you can choose a live option or you can go with pre-recorded if you feel less confident. The beauty of live videos is that it is more interactive.

What’s App groups are also an option, they have video calling capability too.

If you wanted to do something more interactive you could choose a video call platform. Zoom is a very popular choice at the moment.

If you wanted something for a specific group of people a Facebook closed group could help you to facilitate that! Again you could use live or pre-recorded video.


As you can see these are just some initial thoughts… we will attempt to keep them coming.

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