Social Media Content Ideas for November 2019

November, November one month til December.

November gets a bad rep – the weather is usually wet and windy, the evenings are suddenly darker after the clocks going back and shops and your TV are stuffed full of Christmas. However, there are some really lovely events taking place, which should give you plenty of other things to talk about!

November Social Media Content Ideas.

The 1st is World Vegan Day, which kicks off World Vegan Month. The popularity of veganism is increasing, with many health, social and climate benefits to a vegan way of life. Do you sell Vegan products? Showcase them and talk about the ‘why’ – why do you choose to sell vegan products or ingredients. If you’re a vegan, share your favourite chef’s posts or recommend a cookbook or recipe.

Bonfire night on the 5th: toffee apples, fireworks, sparklers, and toasting marshmallows over the bonfire J. Many organised fireworks displays are organised for the weekend before or after, but you could talk about safety, helping pets to cope with the sounds of fireworks or how to make toffee apples. There could be Brexit relevance here, particularly with reference to Guy Fawkes, but handle this one with care!

The 6th of November is International Stress Awareness Day. The charity, Mind, have information on their website and will post a lot about the event on their social profiles that you can share and comment on. The effects of stress have been compared to smoking, and small business owners are at a high risk of workplace stress. Do you have techniques for stress management or relief that you can share? Do you run a beauty therapy salon and could offer a stress buster package that day or week?

The 7th of November is Hug a Bear Day… aaaaaahhhh!

Sunday, 10th November is Remembrance Day. It is 80 years since the outbreak of WWII and The Royal British Legion have some beautiful posts and commentary on their social media pages.

Heading to the middle of the month, National School Meals week and Anti-Bullying week are both on the 11th to the 15th. If you are active within schools, or have children, there are loads of resources and information on their sites that you can use and share. From wearing odd socks on 12th (for anti-bullying) to Hosting a Roast on the 13th (for national school meals) there’s plenty to talk about and share.

World Kindness Day is also on the 13th, and individual acts of kindness are encouraged. If someone performs a random, individual act of kindness on you, don’t forget to share it with your followers. It’s a lovely engagement piece!

Children in Need is on Friday 15th November, and World Prematurity Day is on the 17th. The theme for the latter is #IWishIdKnown and if you work or have experience in this area, it’s a chance to share some knowledge with others.

The 19th is International Men’s Day, and addresses the challenges to male health and wellbeing.

World Nursery Rhyme Week is the 18th til 22nd, and there are some stats, facts and resources you can use on their website. If you work with (or have) children under 7, it’s a great week to be involved with, and just sharing your favourite nursery rhyme is a fun thing to do!

The 18th – 24th is also Road Safety Week, and the theme for 2019 is ‘Step up for Safe Streets’.

The final weekend of the month is sandwiched between Black Friday on 29th and Cyber Monday on 2nd December. If you’re involved in those sales, great, but if you’re not, are there some related services you can offer? For example, if you have a café, you could open early and offer a Black Friday Breakfast (“Get your strength up, ready to hit the sales”).

Christmas will start to feature heavily on everyone’s mind in November, and local events like the lighting of the Christmas tree lights are often great local moments to celebrate. It’s also a good task to explain your Christmas ordering deadlines (Royal Mail last posting dates are available here) with posts to let people know your deadlines. If you have any overseas customers, send them a reminder to let them know their specific posting deadlines.

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