Should your marketing just be about social media?

Should your marketing strategy just include social media?

The answer is NO! Social media is merely the cherry on the cake in terms of your marketing strategy.

More often than not businesses contact us to discuss their social media strategy.

  • We need to be more consistent with our social media.
  • We need to increase engagement on our social media platforms.
  • What’s Instagram about and should we be using it?

So we arrange a meet up (always a good excuse for tea and cake) and we discuss their needs further. Generally, we find that customers are looking at their social media on its own instead of how it plays a part in their full marketing strategy.

marketing is more than social media.

Some questions to ask yourself before posting on your social media –

  • What do I want to achieve this month?
  • Which customers am I trying to attract and engage with?
  • What products/services am I trying to sell?

These questions will help to formulate a marketing strategy for that month. This may include adverts, printed literature, blogs, customer emails and social media content.

We’ve created a 3-month strategy document which we have been using successfully with our clients if you would like a copy please email

Don’t worry if this sounds like you, we get it.  As business owners ourselves we are very good at doing this for other businesses but it is harder doing it for ourselves!

We cover a full range of services including branding and graphic creation, website design, blogging, social media training, social media content creation, Facebook advertising and email newsletter creation.

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