Life is about choices

Piece of Cake Marketing, Coventry.

Schools out for Summer.

As we enter the school holidays we thought it would be a great opportunity to share our “Why”.

Why did we set up our business? The challenges we face over the school holidays and how we keep it all going. Let’s begin with a bit of background about us.

After gaining a degree in Business Studies, Emma worked for high street retailers including Claire’s Accessories, Adams Children’s wear and Elvi where she gained experience in communications, event organisation, marketing and web. Emma’s areas of specialism include Retail, Charity, Marketing, Social Media, Web and eating cake (obviously)!

I, on the other hand, have over 10 years of Customer Service Management experience. I have been working in the world of Social Media since 2012. My areas of specialism are Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising. I am also quite handy on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, I too have a love of tea and cake!

On a rather rainy Summers day in 2015, we took our children on a trip to Coombe Abbey Park, Coventry. There may have been some tea and cake involved too! In between feeding the ducks and climbing trees, our focus turned to business. We had already worked together on a few marketing projects and we had always hoped to collaborate on something.

We decided to set up Piece of Cake Marketing to allow us to be flexible with our work and fit it in around our children. By no means is this an easy option and it’s a constant juggling act. You will often find us working late into the night and squeezing meetings in between school pick-ups or into the evening.  Working from home isn’t always easy either.  It involves a great deal of focus to ensure that you don’t get distracted. We know it wouldn’t work for everyone, however, it does work for us and our families.

It’s all about making the right decisions for you. Life is full of decisions and often these decisions aren’t a matter of life or death but more about the way you live your life. The decisions you make in your life wouldn’t suit somebody else and that’s what makes us all different.  The important thing is not to judge people based on their decisions but just to accept we are all different.

We’ll leave you with this little story.

A gentleman very close to me made the decision in his early 50’s to retire, he had a demanding job that had meant he was often away from home. He had enough money to live a comfortable life and spend time with his wife. After being retired for a year he attended the wedding of a colleague in Italy. Colleague after colleague came up and said how lucky he was to be able to retire, these same colleagues flew into the wedding on private jets. It wasn’t about ‘luck’ it was about choices.

We hope you all have a great Summer. See you on the other side!

Contact us today, we’re only a “scones” throw away from creating your social media marketing recipe for success.

We’ll bring the cake too!

Emma & Kate.

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