Is Facebook organic reach dead?

Organic reach on Facebook is at an all-time low. This is mainly due to changes in the algorithm but also massive increases in competition. According to Facebook, the average user has 1,500 stories competing to appear in their newsfeed. Facebook algorithms then select 300 of those stories based on their ranking of how relevant each story is to that user.

Is Facebook organic reach dead?


Facebook is changing the way they calculate organic impressions to bring them in line with methods they use for ads. This will cause a decrease in the number of impressions but isn’t a change to the algorithm. It will just mean that impressions will only count once per person.

So can you still get good organic reach on Facebook? 

Well, the answer we believe is yes, BUT it’s all about posting the right content at the right time and complementing that with a paid strategy.

  1. Understand that your Facebook posts shouldn’t always be about selling! People who follow your page know what you do, you just need to keep showing up consistently and when they need your services your name will be the one that springs to mind.
  2. What is it that is of interest to your customers? It won’t necessarily be something that is directly connected to your business but what do your customers have in common. Is it that they are all parents? Maybe they are homeowners? Or do they enjoy a hobby such as gardening? How can you tap into their interests and get them to connect and engage with you?
  3. If you are going to post a sales-related post, that about the problem that you are solving for the customer. For example, we could say ‘Social Media Content Creation from £99 per platform’ or we could say ‘Do you find creating content for your social media channels hard work? Never sure what to post? Struggle to be persistent and consistent with your messages? Our Content Creation Packages start from just £99 per platform, get in touch today.’
  4. Video works! But only if you are sharing content that is of interest and useful to your audience. People aren’t interested in what you had for tea (unless you’re a popular chef or food blogger). You need to be offering your audience added value, again you could help them with a problem or provide ideas and inspiration
  5. You need an advertising budget on Facebook. You can then use this to compliment your organic posts.

Our client Coventry Business Improvement District had singer Tom Grennan in the city centre to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Lottery.  We chose to Facebook live the performance… at the last count, this post had reached over 80,000 people (4 times the amount of people that actually like the page).

Our client Jo Jingles is a National preschool music franchise with classes in the UK and Northern Ireland. Their audience is parents and we know that they react well to content that taps into this. They have an audience of 8,000 but as you can see this organic post reached much further than that.

organic facebook reach.

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