How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

Instagram, launched in 2010 as a photo-sharing app, it was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has since evolved into a thriving platform for visual storytelling and social networking. Its simplicity allows users to capture life’s moments through photos and videos, apply creative filters, and share across networks. For businesses, Instagram offers immense marketing potential through visual content.

But for brands getting started, questions arise around optimising hashtag use for reach and engagement. So how many hashtags should you actually use? Let’s examine how to build an effective hashtag strategy.

How do hashtags work on Instagram

Understanding how Hashtags Work on Instagram

Hashtags help expand the visibility of Instagram posts. Unlike the past 30 hashtag limit per post, there is no longer a restriction on how many you can include. However, relevance and resonance remain key – hashtags must align with your business and audience versus just chasing volume.

Here’s how to optimise hashtag impact:

1. Use relevant tags- Focus on hashtags directly related to your offerings, brand, industry and target audience interests.

2. Align with audience behaviour- Evaluate whether your potential customers actually search and engage with the hashtags you plan to use.

3. Moderate volume- Very low hashtag volume indicates low interest, but extremely high volume makes competition excessive. Ideal tags have between 1,000 to 500,000 lifetime posts.

Researching the Best Hashtags to use on Instagram

Conduct research to identify optimal hashtags. Ways to explore-

– Search on Instagram – Assess potential hashtags by entering them in Instagram’s search bar and evaluating volume and related tags.

– Review hashtag sites – Complement Instagram by checking top hashtags on sites like HashtagsForLikes.

– Analyse related hashtags – Click through related tags Instagram suggests to find niche options relevant for you.

– Monitor banned hashtags- Avoid blacklisted hashtags by checking regularly updated banned hashtag lists.

Curating Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy

When selecting hashtags, aim for a balanced mix of popular and niche tags precisely relevant to your content. Here are some tips –

– Combine generic and specific tags- Blend commonly used hashtags with niche tags tailored to your industry.

– Update regularly- Continuously review and refresh your hashtags as trends and algorithms evolve.

– Test and analyse- Track engagement from different hashtag sets and refine based on performance.

– Use branded hashtags- Create own branded hashtags and combine them with popular generic ones.

– Format creatively- Experiment with question formats, emojis and fill-in-the blank hashtag styles. 

– Tag strategically- When relevant, tag cooperating accounts or influencers to expand reach.

Hashtags ultimately serve as conduits for amplified engagement. By taking an optimised approach, brands can unlock Instagram’s immense potential for visibility and growth.

Examples of UK Businesses using Hashtags on Instagram

Here are some examples of UK brands using Instagram hashtags effectively to extend their reach:

– Gymshark – Fitness brand using hashtags like #GymsharkCommunity and #Gymshark66 to connect with their audience.

– In The Style – Fashion retailer leveraging trending hashtags like #OOTD and niche tags like #PetiteFashion to drive discovery.

– Moonpig – Online card shop using seasonal hashtags like #ValentinesDayCards or timely tags like #FathersDayGifts.

– innocent – Smoothie brand driving engagement with fun hashtags like #innocentmoments and #innocentHQ.

– giffgaff – Mobile network utilising viral hashtags and tying into cultural moments with tags like #BlackHistoryMonth.

– Twinings – Tea company using a mix of generic and branded hashtags like #TeaBreak and #TeaWithTwinings.

– Lush – Beauty brand leveraging product and ingredient focused hashtags like #LushBathBomb and #Relax.

– Cadbury UK – Confectionery brand tapping into holidays with hashtags like #CadburyHalloween and shared experiences like #FamilyTime.

The common theme is combining branded hashtags with trending and seasonal ones relevant to the brand and UK audiences. This blends originality with viral potential for maximum exposure.

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