Exploring Instagram Broadcast Channels – Is It The Future of Social Media Engagement?

Social media never stands still, staying relevant and engaging with your audience is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. It’s essential to keep an eye on emerging trends that can give you a competitive edge. One such trend that has been gaining traction is the concept of Instagram broadcast channels. In this blog, we’ll take a look into what Instagram broadcast channels are, how they work, and why they might be the future of social media engagement.

Instagram Broadcast Channels

What Are Instagram Broadcast Channels?

Creators can use broadcast channels as a casual, quick way to keep followers up-to-date. They can use text, photo, video and voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback.

Only creators can send messages, while followers can react to content and vote in polls.

How Do Instagram Broadcast Channels Work?

Once a creator gets access, they can start a broadcast channel from their Instagram inbox. Upon sending their first broadcast channel message, their followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel.

As soon as the broadcast channel is live, creators can also encourage followers to join by using the “join channel” sticker in Stories or by pinning the channel link to their profile.

For creators with Subscriptions who want to create a broadcast channel open to all followers, be sure to set the audience to “all followers.” There’s also the option to create a broadcast channel limited to paid subscribers for your most exclusive content.

Why Instagram Broadcast Channels Are Gaining Popularity

Broadcast channels are a public, one-to-many messaging tool for creators to directly engage with their followers at scale.

Creators can use broadcast channels to help followers stay in-the-know with the latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments using text, photo, video, voice notes and polls.

Followers can react to content and participate in polls, with more features coming soon.

Using an Instagram Broadcast Channel to market your Business

Here are some ways that Instagram’s broadcast channels feature can be used to market a business:

– Product launches or announcements – Broadcast new product releases or big company announcements live to build hype.

– Behind-the-scenes – Show behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of your company culture, office, production process etc. to build brand personality.

– Events coverage – Provide live coverage of your events, summits, conferences etc. for followers unable to attend in-person.

– Influencer collaborations – Partner with influencers in your niche to co-host educational or entertaining broadcasts to their audience.

– Reveal upcoming offerings – Tease upcoming products, events or announcements to build anticipation.

– Host contests – Drive excitement and submissions by announcing contests and giveaways.

– Solicit feedback – Poll viewers for opinions on new offerings or ask for suggestions to improve.

The key is providing value beyond pure promotion – give your audience entertaining or informative content that spotlights your brand personality. Maintain consistency with posting schedules and leverage broadcast channels in conjunction with Instagram feed and Stories.

Steven Bartlett the King of Instagram Broadcast Channels

Steven Barlett the King of Instagram Broadcast Channels

At Piece of Cake Marketing we admire and follow Steven Bartlett, its no surprise that he is an early adopter of Instagram broadcast channels and here are some ways in which he is utilising this feature…

– The Diary Of A CEO – He hosts this popular interview series featuring inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders live on Instagram. It provides a raw, transparent glimpse into their journeys.

– Behind-the-Scenes – Steven offers behind-the-scenes looks at things like his video production process, book writing, podcast recording sessions to showcase his work ethic.

– Book Promotion – When he launched his book Happy Sexy Millionaire, Steven used broadcast to share excerpts and discuss key themes during the launch week to promote it.

– Personal Development – Steven hosts motivational broadcasts focused on personal growth topics like fulfilling potential, managing criticism, achieving mindset shifts.

– Social Issues – He uses the platform to discuss his perspectives on various social issues relevant to his young audience.

– Responding to Controversy – When facing controversies related to his businesses, Steven has leveraged broadcast to share his side transparently.

Overall, Steven Bartlett uses Instagram broadcasting in an authentic way aligned with his personal brand as an entrepreneur, author and thought leader. He blends promotion with value-added content.

Instagram Broadcast Channels the Next Generation of Social Media Marketing

Instagram broadcast channels represent an exciting development in the world of social media. By combining the allure of live content with the convenience of scheduled programming, they offer a unique way for creators to engage their audience and build a loyal following. As social media platforms continue to evolve, staying at the forefront of these innovations can make all the difference in maintaining relevance and growing your online presence. Keep an eye on Instagram broadcast channels; they might just be the future of social media engagement you’ve been waiting for.

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