Estate Agency Marketing Ideas

If you’re an estate agent looking to attract more customers and expand your reach, you’ll want to explore some effective marketing ideas. In our latest blog, we’ve compiled a list of strategies and techniques that can help you promote your services and stand out in a competitive market. From utilising social media platforms to hosting virtual open houses, these ideas can help you connect with potential clients and grow your business.

Estate Agency Marketing Ideas

The property market has boomed over the last year. Rightmove notes record prices and signs of a busier market. This may leave you thinking that marketing your Estate Agency isn’t necessary. Planning and building your marketing strategy is important to allow continued periods of consistency when the housing market situation changes.

Marketing for an estate agent can come in many forms. Billboards, Sold Boards, Leaflets, Out of Home Advertising can all be considered for wider brand awareness.

Estate Agent Digital Marketing

If you are an Estate Agent wanting to expand your reach to potential customers, or if you simply want to grow your brand awareness within the location in which you operate, utilising social media can be a cost-effective way of growing your followers and potential customers and a great platform for you to showcase the properties you have on offer and the team behind the scenes.

Using social media as part of an Estate Agent Digital Marketing strategy is a popular route to market, but how can you make sure you get this right and make it work for your business?

Whether you are new to social media or have some social media accounts set up but don’t know what to do with them, getting some support on how to make the most of these channels can be a real game changer and can help to take your estate agency marketing to the next level.

Estate Agency Digital Marketing

What are the best social media platforms for Estate Agents?

The most popular social media channels for estate agency marketing include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Others that could be considered are channels such as TikTok. Try not to fall into the trap of setting up an account on every platform. Each platform has a different purpose and is used for different styles of content, so you really need to think about what you want to achieve from your social media marketing so you can carefully consider which platform to commit to and dedicate your time, effort, and resource towards. Our advice is to think about where your customers are. Pick one or two platforms use these social media platforms well, don’t spread yourself too thinly. A successful social media account is regularly updated with relevant content and is engaging, so make sure you can manage the accounts that you create.

Facebook for Estate Agents

Facebook works well as you can set up a targeted business page that has a professional feel to it. Having a business page also gives you access to analytics, enabling you to measure engagement on your posts. Visual posts work well on Facebook, and that includes videos. Think about the content that you want to share. The more engagement you generate on your posts, the more people are likely to see them, where you can encourage likes and comments as well as the option to share the content. Don’t forget to check out any Facebook community groups, these will enable you to share some of your content with them. This offers a really targeted platform as those within the group are interested in seeing news and updates from businesses local to them.

Instagram for Estate Agents

Instagram is becoming more popular as a social media channel for estate agency marketing, but it’s important to use it right. Instagram is a very visual social media channel, so think about the images and videos you are using on there and make sure you mix it up to create a variety of content. You can also upload multiple images on one post, which is great for sharing pictures of the houses you have on the market. You may also want to try Reels as these are very popular and their reach is larger than your average Instagram post due to the fact that Reels are shown to non-followers of your Instagram Channel.

LinkedIn for Estate Agents

A few years ago, LinkedIn was seen as a platform for business-to-business engagement, but the platform is evolving and connecting with local contacts is a great way to grow your following. How many of your LinkedIn contacts are homeowners? Probably a large proportion of them. If you have an existing LinkedIn profile, update it to show details of your estate agents and the role you have within it. Continually look for new contacts in your local area.

Once you know what channels you’re using and why, you can start the fun part and begin to develop and post content.

Estate Agent Social Media Marketing

Many people make the mistake of jumping into the world of social media without a plan, adding a flurry of posts and then the momentum is lost. It’s important to remember that with any social media account, consistency is key. Regular posting is essential to make the social channels work well for you and deliver opportunities.

It can be hard trying to think of the content to include, so planning is everything. Setting up a content plan for the month can really help you to stay on track and make sure you are regularly posting. Stuck for ideas? We can help you by creating 12 social media posts, click here for more details.

Social Media Post Ideas for Estate Agents

There are a lot of different kinds of posts you can do to promote your estate agent business, we outline some ideas here.

Share details of houses you have on the market. This is probably the prime example of what you may want to use social media for and the most obvious. Showcasing houses that you have on the market, whether they are new listings or houses that you may need extra promotion, social media is the perfect platform to showcase the houses and share the link to find out more on your business website. You can also be really targeted with this and make sure you share the post to the audience you want to target, for example, sharing on a local Facebook group can really help to boost the interest of an already captive market.

Share case studies and customer testimonials. If you have some exceptional customer feedback or want to share a particular story or update about a property of interest, sharing testimonials and case studies on social media is an effective way of showing potential customers your credibility in the market.

Write content and share it on social. Think about content that you can write to generate interest. For example, tops tips when selling your house, guidance on purchasing your first property. If you have blogs or articles on your website, break these down into bite-size tips for social media. These can really help to drive engagement and show that you’re an expert in your industry. Think about the questions you are asked on a daily basis. Write social posts, and blogs… create videos about those questions, and answer them for your potential customers. These will form evergreen content for your social media channels and your website.

Showcase community events that you are involved in. For example, if you get involved in any fundraising events, or local initiatives then social media is a great way of sharing this to your followers and it really does connect you to your target market.

Don’t forget the importance of video content. Social media is a fantastic platform to share video content. This could be vlogs that you have produced or the sharing of virtual viewings. Video is a really engaging way of getting views and followers to take notice of you.

Working with Piece of Cake Marketing

Are you looking to enhance your marketing and social media presence? We’ve got you covered. Drop us an email at and let’s discuss how we can help you in taking your dental practice to new heights.

Whether you need guidance on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy or require hands-on support with social media management, we can help. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that estate agents face when it comes to marketing, and we’ll tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Don’t miss out on the chance to attract more customers, build a strong online reputation and grow your estate agency.

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