Customer profiling

Know your customer and know them well.

Ever heard of B2B, B2C or P2P? Better still, word of mouth?

Back in her University days, Emma spent many hours learning the differences between Business to Business marketing and Business to Customer marketing.  However, things have changed a bit since then.  With the eruption of social media, the way we think about our customers has changed dramatically.  Marketing is no longer just about selling to your customer.  Businesses need to build a relationship with their customers. Consumers now like to get to know their brands. What are their ethics?  What goes on behind the scenes?  How do they treat their customers?  Have they been recommended by a friend?  And so the evolution of P2P or Person to Person marketing, well let’s face it we are all people at the end of the day!

customer profiling.

As Emma sat in the hairdressers writing this blog it was obvious that some industries have always been P2P.  A hairdresser is a prime example. A relationship built on trust between the hairdresser and client.  A relationship which makes the customer return, time after time and recommends to their friends.  Customers who love and trust your brand more will also spend more money with your brand.

How can you use P2P marketing in your business?

Know your customer – Engage them

Who are your most likeable brands?  What do they do in their marketing that shows their personality? They probably use humour and creativity in their P2P marketing.  We would think they’re also using video in their tactics too.  Think about how you can produce unique and entertaining content to keep your audience engaged?

Know your customer – Interact with them

Social media is a great opportunity to talk to and listen to your customers.  This interaction builds trust and confidence in your business.  Be sure to talk to your customers.  Answering comments, compliments and concerns to add that human personal touch.

Know your customer – Look after them 

Finally, the more you engage and interact with customers through P2P marketing the more likely they are to return. A person who feels valued will recommend you to others and continue to use your services time after time.

It doesn’t really matter which marketing term you use.  Simply remember it’s all about building a relationship with your customer.

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