A One Page Marketing Plan That Your Business Can Actually Use

Marketing Strategy On A Page…

What is your main business aim for this year? How do you plan to achieve your aim?

You may have some really amazing plans for the year but without a plan how are you going to make sure you achieve all that you need to?

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’.

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Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to put your plan down on paper. It ends up being one of those jobs that you just keep pushing to the bottom of the list and before you know it it’s December again and another year has passed you by. This is why we love the concept of a strategy on one page which should take you no more than an hour to create.

Using a strategy on a page is a really simple way of getting your goal broken down into simple steps to help you achieve your objective.

A One Page Marketing Plan That Your Business Can Actually Use.

The easiest way to understand this concept is to work through an example so you get an idea of how simple this process is…

Let’s call the business “Busy Toddlers”. They run classes for preschool children. The target audience is parents of under 3’s within 5 miles of the local area.

Objective – To increase the number of classes they run and improve awareness of their company.

Goal – To enrol 50 new children by September and introduce 1 new class within the area.

Strategy 1 – Get existing customers to rebook and recommend to their friends.

Activity – Send a monthly newsletter.

Activity – Ask for testimonials and recommendations.

Activity – Run a recommend a friend promotion.

Strategy 2 – Use social media to attract new customers. 

Activity – Post regularly on social media platforms.

Activity – Use Facebook local groups to advertise classes to a wider audience.

Activity- Use Facebook advertising to promote classes in the run-up to a new term.

Strategy 3 – Offline marketing.

Activity – Attend 3 family run local events and provide taster sessions.

Activity – Make contact with local health visitors/weighing clinics and drop off leaflets.

Activity – Ask all venues to promote your services to their other customers.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan image.

Breaking down your objective into smaller bite-size chunks will really help you to focus on activities that will really add value to your business.

It will also allow you to measure success from each strategy, this knowledge will inform your decision making for future strategy and marketing activities.

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