What is it like to have Piece of Cake Marketing as your Outsourced Marketing Department?

We work with lots of clients on a retainer basis which is like us being their outsourced marketing department. Outsourced marketing support means slightly different things for each business but in a nutshell includes –

✓ General marketing guidance on demand

✓Monthly marketing meeting

✓ Quarterly strategy planning

✓ Social media content creation for the platforms of your choice provided in a content plan and scheduled by us

✓ Daily monitoring of social media accounts

✓ £50 Facebook advertising budget included

✓ Any additional Facebook ad management (budget to be paid by client)

✓ One hour social engagement across platforms

✓ One video edited per month

✓ Monthly blog post

✓ Monthly email newsletter creation

✓ Quarterly report

Outsourced Marketing Department

Outsourced Marketing Department Reviews/Testimonials

We recently asked some of our retainer clients to write us a Google review and this is what they said about our outsourced marketing services –

‘They are the marketing team that I don’t have at HBT Communications. We have been working together for about two years, and I can confidently say they have added value to every aspect of our marketing – from email, website, and most definitely, social media.

I had been following them on LinkedIn for approximately three years before we actually began working together. They share great chemistry with the sales team and have a unique ability to spot things that we might miss due to our daily involvement in the business.’ Yasmin Hussain, HBT Communications

‘Kate and Emma are fantastic! We have tried several marketing companies in the past, and these two are the first who actually seem to try and understand our business and set up the marketing to our needs. We continue to use Piece of Cake and hopefully will for many years to come.’ Ryan Lord, Lords Furniture

‘Piece of Cake Marketing have provided excellent Marketing support for Coventry BID over the last 4 years they always go over and above to support us in our Marketing needs.’ Joanne Glover, Coventry Business Improvement District

‘We instructed Piece of Cake Marketing to look after our web and social marketing. Highly delighted with the results! Kate and Emma challenge our marketing and come up with new ideas to improve the business. Happy Client!’ Andy Talbot, West Orchards Shopping Centre

Outsourced Marketing Services

Now that you’ve heard what our customers have to say let’s dive into our marketing retainer service further –

  • General Marketing Guidance on Demand: You get access to us! We’re marketing experts who can provide advice and recommendations as needed, helping your business with marketing-related questions and strategies.
  • Monthly Marketing Meeting: This is a scheduled meeting where you’ll discuss the progress of your marketing efforts, review data, and strategies for the month ahead. It’s an opportunity to align goals and objectives.
  • Quarterly Strategy Planning: Every three months, we will engage in more extensive strategic planning sessions. These sessions allow you to take a broader view of your marketing efforts, set long-term goals, and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Social Media Content Creation for the Platforms of Your Choice: This service involves creating content (such as posts, images, videos, etc.) for your chosen social media platforms. The content is typically outlined in a content plan and then scheduled for posting.
  • Daily Monitoring of Social Media Accounts: This ensures that your social media accounts are actively monitored for comments, messages, or mentions. It’s important for engaging with your audience and managing your brand’s online presence effectively.
  • £50 Facebook Advertising Budget Included: This specifies that part of your marketing plan includes a monthly budget of £50 for Facebook advertising. This can be used to boost posts, run ads, or promote your content to a broader audience.
  • Any Additional Facebook Ad Management (Budget to Be Paid by Client): If you wish to go beyond the £50 budget, you’ll need to cover the additional cost of running Facebook ads. This is common for businesses that want to invest more in paid advertising.
  • One Hour Per Week Social Engagement Across Platforms: This involves actively engaging with your audience on social media platforms for one hour each week. It could include responding to comments, engaging in conversations, and growing your social community.
  • One Video Edited Per Month: This means that your marketing plan includes the production and editing of one video per month. Videos are a powerful content format for engaging with your audience.
  • Monthly Blog Post: This service involves creating and publishing one blog post per month on your website. Blog posts are essential for content marketing, SEO, and providing valuable information to your audience.
  • Monthly Email Newsletter Creation: Your marketing plan includes the creation and distribution of a monthly email newsletter. Email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with your audience and provide updates and promotions.
  • Quarterly Report: This is a summary of your marketing performance over the previous three months. It typically includes key metrics, insights, and recommendations for the future, helping you track your progress and make data-driven decisions.

These services collectively form a comprehensive marketing strategy, covering both online and offline channels, to help your business engage with its audience, promote products or services, and achieve its marketing goals.

Piece of Cake Marketing your Outsourced Marketing Support

Ready to take your business to new heights? Piece of Cake Marketing is your dedicated partner for seamless marketing success. With our comprehensive suite of services, including expert guidance, engaging content creation, and strategic planning, we’re here to boost your brand and enhance your online presence.

Unlock Your Business Potential Today!

✓ Tap into Expert Guidance: Benefit from on-demand marketing expertise, ensuring you’re always steps ahead in your strategies.

✓ Engage Your Audience: From social media management to compelling blog posts, we create content that captivates your audience.

✓ Data-Driven Strategies: Leverage our quarterly reports to make informed decisions, maximising your ROI.

✓ Seamless Social Media: Enjoy daily social media monitoring and engagement, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital crowd.

✓ Professional Video Production: Let us craft stunning videos that tell your brand story and leave a lasting impression.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business effortlessly. Let Piece of Cake Marketing be your guiding force in the competitive landscape.

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