Stop Assuming “Our Target Audience Doesn’t Use Social Media”

To today’s generation social media has become an integral component of everyday life. However, many businesses still cling to the assumption that “our target audience doesn’t use social media”. While certain demographics may use social platforms less actively, dismissing social media marketing altogether based on this assumption can be a costly mistake.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll debunk the myth that your audience isn’t on social media and highlight key reasons why you need to re-evaluate this notion to unlock new opportunities.

Stop Assuming "Our Target Audience Doesn't Use Social Media

Debunking the “Our Audience Doesn’t Use Social Media” Myth

Here are five reasons why assuming your target audience isn’t on social media may be an incorrect notion:

Diverse Usage Patterns and Interests

Social media usage transcends demographic limitations, with people of all ages, backgrounds and interests engaging for diverse reasons – networking, entertainment, news, niche communities and more. Even if your audience skews older or comes from traditional industries, subsets still likely use social media regularly. Dismissing an entire target group ignores the diversity of human behaviour.

Evolving Platform Landscapes

Social media evolves rapidly, with the popularity of platforms shifting as new offerings emerge and user migration occurs. For instance, Facebook was once synonymous with students and younger users but is now ubiquitous across age groups. Assuming social media engagement based on historic perceptions results in a failure to tap into this constant evolution.

Overlooking ‘Silent Observers’

‘Lurkers’ who observe silently without actively engaging are still absorbing your brand’s content and forming impressions. Even if your audience does not publicly interact, their opinions as passive observers still matter. Excluding them due to lack of visible activity is an opportunity missed. After all, word-of-mouth doesn’t require active online participation. When was the last time you lurked?

Missed Advertising and Promotion Opportunities

While organic reach has declined on some platforms, social media still offers highly targeted advertising opportunities. Your content, even if not explicitly sought out, can still reach your audience through paid promotion and shares. Assumptions of non-use neglect tapping into these opportunities.

Potential of Niche Communities

Many vibrant niche interest communities thrive on social platforms. Suppose your audience is passionate about hobbies, causes or industries. In that case, targeted social community engagement may resonate more deeply than broader mainstream platforms, revealing unique opportunities.

Strategies to Reach Your Audience on Social Media

Here are some tips to help you reach your target audience through social media:

Research Usage Habits

Survey your customers or conduct social listening to identify what platforms they frequent and how they engage. This provides data-backed direction for your strategy.

Focus on Engagement

Rather than passive broadcasting, focus on two-way engagement through customer service, conversations, and community building. This cultivates relationships.

Create Shareable Content

Develop content that provides value, entertainment or inspiration tailored for your audience. This sparks organic shares and word-of-mouth ripples.

Leverage Influencers

Identify and partner with influencers in your industry who can organically reach and resonate with your audience based on trust and relevance.

Promote Cross-Channel

Amplify your social media through email, paid ads, website banners, and other channels to maximise impact through multiple touchpoints.

Optimise for All Devices

With rising mobile usage, ensure your social media presence and ads are optimised for comfortable user experiences across desktop and mobile.

Track and Iterate

Use analytics to identify best-performing platforms, post types, engagement tactics, ad formats, and keep refining based on data.

The Social Media Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you cling to dated assumptions and neglect the ever-evolving social media landscape, your brand risks being left behind. Competitors who recognise the value of social media’s reach and community-building power will gain advantage. By modernising your social media strategy beyond demographic assumptions, your brand can extend its reach, humanise through engagement and provide value to untapped communities. The opportunity is immense, but only if you reject outdated notions and embrace digital channels where your audience already spends time. Don’t let your competition beat you to it!

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