Marketing Strategy vs Tactics – What’s the difference?

Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Do you know the difference between marketing strategy and tactics? When businesses approach us to talk about their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, or even a blog, they often don’t realise that what’s actually posted is merely the icing on the cake. A strong social media presence is built on a comprehensive marketing strategy that underpins its success.

Marketing Strategy and Tactics cupcake.

So what are your social media objectives? Who is your audience? The answers to these questions will then help to inform the content planning process. This is the basis of your strategy and requires methodical thinking, creativity and plenty of ideas. It entails far more than simply regurgitating the same content day after day.


Every good strategy uses good tactics. Think of it like this – your strategy is your plan and your tactics are the ingredients that go into this plan. In the world of marketing, your tactics are the ways in which you spread the word about your business. The process will involve content creation across various platforms to get the message out about you.


Your combination of tactics feed into your overall strategy and they all work together to help you achieve marketing success.

A social media marketing strategy will employ tactics using various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to name but a few. One of the key parts of the strategy is to achieve interaction across these platforms. Rather than simply talking at your audience, you should be trying to engage them in conversation. So it’s all about getting the right mix of selling, sharing content that might be of interest and asking questions.


And the fantastic thing about social media marketing is that it’s so easy to track and measure results in comparison to more traditional marketing methods. Businesses want to use clearly traceable tactics that show a strategy’s return on investment (ROI). Constantly reviewing results will help you to adapt content and really understand what the customer wants to read and interact with.



If you want to learn more about how to put together a marketing strategy and decide on your tactics, we can help. We’ll also be happy to put together a marketing strategy for you, providing you with tactical guidelines and the full support you need to implement them.


Success from tactics without strategy is just luck. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Get in touch and see for yourself how we can create a marketing strategy that ensures continued success for your business.

Get in touch and see for yourself how we can create a marketing strategy that ensures continued success for your business.

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