How To Make Your Product or Service Stand Out With Offline Marketing

We spend lots of our time and energy supporting clients with their online marketing, but what about offline marketing? Having a purely online marketing strategy is very one dimensional and means that you might miss out on opportunities. Online platforms are fairly noisy so it might help you stand out from your competitors to consider some offline marketing to complement your strategy.

offline marketing.

Offline marketing activities you could consider… 

Van or Car signwriting

If you are constantly driving around the place in a company van or car, then why not consider having it sign written. People may take notice of your advert when they are sat at the traffic lights or when you are parked up.


If you own business premises, run classes at a venue or you’re a tradesman working at a person’s house using an A-board can be a great marketing technique.


Billboard adverts used to be quite expensive but you can now find much cheaper opportunities around. When thinking about taking out a billboard advert think about whether it is in the right location for your business and make sure you have some good graphics created which look good in a larger scale.

Bus and Taxi

We recently had a client who had great success from placing an advert on the back of a bus. It’s a great technique for brand awareness as the bus can cover a lot of miles each week.


Leaflets are great if you are going to hand them out! The biggest mistake is getting them printed and then not getting round to delivering them. Leaflets are great if you are attending an event or can find an opportunity to pop them into goody bags.

Local magazines and directories 

Within every town or city, there will be lots of magazines or directories which will offer businesses the opportunity to advertise. These adverts are great if you are a local trade or service as it may tap into an audience that is not so online savvy.

The most important thing to remember about any marketing activity is… what is your strategy? Who are you targeting? Is it just for brand awareness or do you want them to take some action? Make sure your advert is on brand and says clearly what you do and how to contact you.

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