Gratitude 2017

How is 2017 nearly over already?

It has been a great year for us. So many wonderful things have happened and yet we often find ourselves grumping about the minor details.

We are very critical of ourselves. Constantly challenging each other, could we do that better, what could we change if we did that again?

Whilst this is good for our growth it can often lead us to focus only on the negative things that happen…

Why didn’t we get that contract? We’ve got too much work to do. The kids are being challenging. You get the idea.

Gratitude 2017

In the last part of the year, we noticed that we were doing this way too often. Actually, we had a ton of things to celebrate, but we were missing the opportunity to do so.

Whilst researching for a client, we started to read more and more about gratitude. Looking for the positives in every day to try and change our mindset. Yes, we still need to challenge ourselves, but we also need to celebrate our successes.


What do we have to be grateful for in 2017?

  • Our business has grown and we’ve hit our revenue targets.
  • We have a work/life balance that works for us and our families. This means we don’t miss things with the children that are important to us.
  • We’ve met lots of new people that we are now proud to call friends, not just business associates.
  • We have happy and healthy families.
  • We had an amazing Summer. Sun, sea, ice-cream and cocktails.
  • We joined the #Covhourlive team and helped to organise some fantastic events.
  • We are now part of the Socially Shared Business Support Network, helping to deliver monthly sessions and supporting with marketing ideas and campaigns.
  • Coventry City Football Club won a trophy this year!
  • Our great City has been crowned City of Culture 2021.



Life can seem hard at times and sometimes we all struggle, but we have learnt to help each other to put things into perspective. We know we are very lucky! So, what will 2018 bring? More of the same, please!


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