Facebook Page Changes… 2018

Facebook Page Changes 2018

Facebook made a pretty big announcement last week. There is so much speculation about what will happen to organic reach for Facebook Pages.

The news from Mr Zuckerberg is that he wants to focus on connecting people more! It’s important to Facebook that when people log on their experience is enjoyable.

Some stats for you! There are 2.5 billion users on Facebook. The average user logs on 14 times per day and spends around an hour a day on the platform. (I dread to think how long Emma & I spend on Facebook and Messenger in a day). The time each user spends on the platform needs to be enjoyable to keep them coming back. Facebook is amazing for keeping friends and family across the country and globe in touch with each other. That was, after all, its original purpose.

We can remember a time when you could post an update on your business page and get around 70% organic reach. We remember a time when people said, Facebook advertising that’ll never work. We’ve said it time and time again. Facebook will never standstill. Of all the social media platforms it is the one that seems to change and evolve the most.

We did a Facebook live which talks through the changes and what you can do in more detail. Feel free to take a look…

Facebook Page Changes…

Facebook Page Changes… what does it mean and what can you do?Blog post details http://pieceofcakemarketing.co.uk/2018/01/16/facebook-page-changes-mean-can/

Posted by Piece of Cake Marketing on Monday, 15 January 2018

So why all these changes…

Kate hopped on a Facebook live with Mari Smith to see what her view on this was. She’s a lady that we think talks a lot of sense when it comes to Facebook. We also love her accent, it’s Scottish and Canadian all jumbled up together. Here’s what she had to say…

– Facebook is looking to eradicate fake news and click-bate articles/engagement.

– There is limited space in the mobile newsfeed. What you see there needs to be high quality.

– Facebook is lining itself up for Digital TV revenue (we said video was going to continue to be important).

– Facebook is looking to gain exclusive streaming rights to some major events, an example is “Red Carpet at Golden Globes”.

What is changing…

– The algorithm will show more personal posts.

– The algorithm will show meaningful posts and business pages with interactions.

– Again video will be given higher priority. In particular Live Video.

What can you do…

Firstly don’t panic!! We don’t really know what will happen. Like we said before, this won’t be the last time Facebook changes. We’ve coped with changes before and we will cope again.

A question we know we will be asked is… Should I stop posting on my Facebook Page? Our answer would be no.  If people search for your page you need to have current and relevant information for them to look at. If there is no current information they may feel that your business is dormant or that you’re no longer trading.

Some other ideas…

– The “see first” option, you can choose to certain pages in your newsfeed. Those pages you simply can’t live without. Head for the page you are interested in, click the following option, select see first.

see first Facebook

– Facebook Live Video gets 6x more interaction than a static image or text update. How can you add value and share information? How can you do this on a Facebook Live Video?

– Could your business use a Facebook Group? We don’t think this will work for every business, but if you can build a community and add value, you can’t just sell all the time, a Group could be great to sit alongside your business page. These are also being shown more in the newsfeed and you can now schedule in a group from your desktop and various scheduling tools.

– Facebook is PAY TO PLAY. You need a Facebook Advert strategy and budget. You need to experiment with what works for your business. Facebook Ads are a powerful tool when used correctly.

– Use Facebook to grow your email list. This has been a tactic long encouraged by many Facebook experts, add value and use that value to get more subscribers on your email list.

– Make your content more relevant/engaging/helpful. This goes without saying and has always been the case. It is, however, now more important than ever.

– Look at your insights – what is working for you and your page. Once you have gained that insight consider using Facebook adverts to reach more of your customers.

– Don’t give up – Facebook has changed before, it will change again. Before you post, think… is it helpful? Will my audience enjoy it?

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