Content is King

Content for social media.

Content for email marketing.

Content for blogs.

Faced with the list of content that is required for a business on a monthly basis it’s not surprising many business owners can often feel overwhelmed. All this marketing to do as well as getting the day job done!

Content is King.

When we start working with a client this is often what they say is one of their biggest challenges. However, maybe there is a different way to think about it.

If we start with a logical list, what is your business strategy for the month?

As an example – a gift retailer in November, their main business strategy and focus for the month will be around selling gifts for Christmas.

With that in mind, they pull together an article…

“Our Top 10 Gifts This Christmas”

This article can then be –

  • uploaded on to their website as a blog or news article.
  • broken down into snippets for social media. 10 different gifts could mean at least 10 different posts.
  • used as the basis for their email newsletter.
  • possibly sent out as a press release.

This one article (which should be around 300 words) has so many uses.

Struggling to think about a subject to blog about, here are some ideas…

  • Something that is current within your sector in the news or society – businesses furloughing staff or making redundancies, the property market booming.
  • A seasonal blog – is the time of year important to your business. A garden centre could talk about the best flowers to plant in autumn or jobs to do in your garden in spring.
  • Special dates – a restaurant or retailer could be talking about Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas.
  • Solving problems that your ideal client might have. This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and show your expertise. Our blog predominantly gives ideas or attempts to solve technical issues for business owners.
  • Testimonials and case studies that give real-life examples of the work you are doing.

Top Tip – We recently been back over all our old blogs, yes it took a while as there were 106 articles to look at. We have updated all these blogs and will now be sharing them again as the content is still very much relevant.

If you need help creating a marketing content strategy that really works get in touch today.