Content is King

Content for social media.

Content for blogs.

Content for email marketing.

The demands of generating regular content across various marketing platforms can often overwhelm business owners, adding to their already hefty workload. However, reframing the approach to content creation can alleviate this burden, content opportunities are everywhere.

How do we make life easier when it comes to content collection.

Content is King

Content is the Cornerstone of Effective Marketing

Understanding that content is the cornerstone of effective marketing, it’s crucial to align it with the business’s monthly strategy. For instance, consider a gift retailer gearing up for the Christmas season in November. Focused on selling Christmas gifts, the retailer can craft an article titled “Our Top 10 Gifts This Christmas.” This single piece can serve multiple purposes:

Firstly, it can be uploaded as a blog or news article on the website, serving as valuable, SEO-rich content that attracts visitors.

Secondly, this article can be segmented into snippets for social media, allowing for at least 10 distinct and engaging posts highlighting individual gifts. Don’t forget to include video.

Thirdly, it forms the basis for the retailer’s email newsletter, offering valuable content to subscribers and promoting the highlighted gifts.

Finally, this content piece could potentially be repurposed as a press release, extending its reach and visibility. This strategy exemplifies the power of one content piece strategically repurposed across various platforms, maximising its utility and reach.

Engaging Content Ideas

Generating engaging content is an essential aspect of a successful marketing strategy, and fortunately, a multitude of approaches can spark many content ideas. Here are various methods to explore, each offering unique ways for creative and impactful content creation:


Capitalising on current events or trends can position a business as a timely and authoritative voice in its field. Think about some of the unlikely people who have found themselves going viral after jumping on a trend. We have some thoughts on viral posts here.

Seasonal Relevance and Tailored Advice

Crafting content aligned with the seasons and tailored to the business’s niche interests can captivate audience attention. For instance, a garden centre offering seasonal planting guides or maintenance tips during relevant periods meets with customer needs, providing actionable advice while fostering a sense of expertise and reliability.

Themed Content Around Special Dates

Capitalising on holidays, celebrations, or special events presents an opportunity to create themed content that resonates deeply with the audience’s current interests. Tailoring content around these occasions—be it themed promotions, DIY guides, or special offers—engages audiences while reflecting the business’s adaptability and relevance.

Addressing Customer Pain Points

Crafting informative blogs that directly address and solve customer pain points showcases the business’s problem-solving capabilities. Think about the last 5 questions your customers asked you. Offer practical solutions, advice, or how-to guides related to those common customer challenges, allows the business to position itself as a reliable source of assistance, building trust and credibility.

Repurposing and Updating Evergreen Content

Revisiting and updating existing blog content is a goldmine for sustained engagement. Refreshing and resharing evergreen content not only ensures its ongoing relevance but also extends its lifespan. Additionally, repackaging this content into different formats—such as graphics, podcasts, or videos—reaches different audience segments, maximising its value and reach.

Interactive and User-Generated Content

Encouraging user participation through contests, polls, surveys, or user-generated content generates interactive engagement. User-generated content not only fosters community participation but also showcases authentic experiences with the brand, boosting credibility and brand advocacy.

Behind-the-Scenes and Storytelling

Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, employee spotlights, or success stories humanises the brand, fostering a deeper connection with the audience. Storytelling resonates emotionally, allowing audiences to relate to the brand’s journey, values, and people behind the scenes.

Each of these content creation approaches provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience, establish authority, and drive meaningful engagement. By embracing a range of content strategies and exploring various content formats, businesses can sustain audience interest, drive conversions, and strengthen their brand presence across multiple platforms.

Examples of Businesses that Repurpose Content

Here are some examples of businesses that effectively repurpose content across their marketing channels –

TOMS – The shoe and accessory brand is great at repurposing visual social media content into blogs, emails, and ads. For example, photos originally posted on Instagram make their way into promotional emails or display banners. This creates a consistent brand experience.

GoPro – The camera company excels at reshaping cool user-generated video content into compelling social media spots and then converting the top-performing ones into both paid ads and long-form YouTube videos.

BuzzFeed – One of their signature approaches is transforming viral social posts into engaging videos and then compiling the best videos into longer YouTube episodes and podcast formats.

Starbucks – The coffee brand has mastered syndicating the same core content like new product announcements or inspirational brand stories seamlessly across website banners, social posts, and email templates.

Slack – The workplace chat app curates and updates popular Help Centre troubleshooting articles into short snippets across social channels. They also repurpose high-performing social posts into ads.

The common thread is having clear brand guidelines, so core content retains brand voice consistency. Identifying top-funnel evergreen topics also allows fluid repurposing. Optimised source content makes reshaping easy.

A Strategic Content Creation Approach

Adopting a strategic content creation approach aligned with the monthly business strategy can make content generation less daunting and more purposeful. If the process feels like it is engrained in the business you will ultimately find content collection and creation easier.

Investing in a Marketing Strategy

Are you thinking that content collection is the least of your worries because you’ve haven’t yet nailed a marketing plan? Your marketing strategy and plan will guide the business in all aspects of marketings – including content.

Investing in a marketing strategy with our expertise, customised approach, and a clear focus on delivering measurable results. This investment provides you with a well-defined roadmap to not only achieve your business objectives but also surpass your competitors. Don’t overlook the opportunity to elevate your business and reap the substantial returns.

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