3 Steps To Get Your Business Ready for Christmas

Is your business ready for Christmas?

Many businesses will find that having a Merry Christmas will lead to a great New Year. Are you ready for this busy and profitable period? In 2020 it may need a slightly different thought process.

Many surveys suggest that people will start shopping earlier this year. We are also hearing rumours about sales running through November rather than just on Black Friday.

In retail, the lines and ranges will have been picked well over 6 months ago but it isn’t only retail businesses that need to plan ahead.

Get your business ready for Christmas.

Business 1

We have a client who offers fitness classes. Her busiest time of year for attracting a new customer is in January. New Year resolutions and too many mince pies mean that everyone wants to improve their fitness.

3 Steps to Prepare This Business for Christmas…

  • Decide on a timetable of classes for the new year.
  • Prepare marketing materials in advance.
  • Plan to run a Facebook advert promoting the new timetable.*

*(In the example above the optimum time to run an advert is 31st of December through into the first week of January when everyone is starting to think of their New Year resolutions).

Business 2

One of our clients a local nursery and garden centre will be preparing for Christmas in many ways. One of their key objectives is to create good footfall over the winter months. Consideration will need to be given to COVID safe guidelines. Events may need to be restricted or may not even go ahead. How do we create noise if this is the case. Good planning is paramount.

4 Steps to Prepare This Business for Christmas…

  • Decide on timing for all of the events for November & December.
  • Prepare marketing materials in advance.
  • Create Facebook events for various activities.
  • Agree the advertising budget, plan where this budget will be spent (local press and Facebook adverts)

Timing is everything at Christmas to ensure you don’t overload the customer, a plan will allow you to effectively communicate your sales messages to your audience.

If we look at our own business December always tends to be a busy month for us. We will be working on client schedules and tweaking campaigns as necessary. Add to that potential Christmas parties, school plays and wrapping of presents (which we wouldn’t change for the world) we need a plan. A couple of years ago we committed to having all of our Christmas shopping completed by 30th November – it worked and meant December was a lot less stressful!

Useful dates for your diary: 

Black Friday – Friday 27th November 2020

Cyber Monday – Monday 30th November 2020

Keep an eye on the Royal Mail website for last postage dates

Boxing Day Sales – Saturday 26th December

New Year’s Day – Friday 1st January

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Is your business ready for Christmas or are you on the naughty list? Got your tinsel in a tangle? Need help with your Christmas campaign?

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