2020…what a year!

2020 was our 4th year in business and definitely our most challenging.

Our 2020 goals didn’t include navigating a pandemic.

2020 tested the strength of our business, the strength of our friendship and our personal resolve. It doesn’t feel like we are through the storm yet and we are sure there will be many more bumps in the road over the coming months.

Still, we have lots to feel proud of.

For us the first 6 weeks of the pandemic were probably the hardest (followed closely by the 5 months of homeschooling), clients abruptly closed and had no use for our services, we struggled to deal with our own worries and emotions. Throughout it all, we managed to maintain our daily voice and to practice what we preach.

We worked solidly for our clients to ensure they were continuously visible.

Our 2020 in numbers…

1 business trip to Galway
1 new website
1 updated brand
1 new member of staff
3 hours moonlighting as a dinner lady
5 months of homeschooling
9 online training sessions conducted
86 Mailchimp campaigns
30 blogs written
1928 Facebook posts
1092 LinkedIn posts
26 fence panels painted
432 Instagram Images
49 Zoom calls
3714 Tweets
50 #covhours

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