We hate Video! We hate being on screen.

Video Marketing – what’s all the fuss!

We’re always telling our customers that they need to embrace video. They need to use it in their social media and on their websites. However, we have a confession to make! When it comes down to it we don’t really like doing it ourselves. Actually, we hate the thought of being on screen. We have hang-ups about the way we look, the way we sound, the list goes on!

Video without being on screen

We’ve found lots of ways to avoid being on-screen ourselves as you will see from our recent blog… 3 Ways to do video without actually having to be on screen yourself.

The time, however, has come to put on our big girl pants and appear on-screen ourselves. Please be gentle, as we share our videos with you!

Videos are an absolute must for social media reach and are great to help with SEO, not forgetting the most important thing… they give the customer a real understanding of you and what your business does.

We wanted to make sure we felt comfortable and chose to use the services of Ben from BRS Films. Ben has experience in corporate films as well as a large portfolio as a wedding videographer. Ben instantly put us at ease and helped us to put our message across in a clear and concise manner.

We laughed a lot throughout the day, mainly at ourselves! We learnt a lot too.

We hate video

Here are some top tips for putting together a video…

  • Be clear about the message you want to get across.
  • Think about your customer and what they want to know.
  • Think about where you will use the videos.
  • Keep it short so you don’t lose the customers attention.
  • Use subtitles, many Facebook users watch videos without sound.

Do you hate video too? Are you using video to tell your story? So many options, YouTube Channels, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Boomerang, Video on your iPhone. We’d love to see your story.

Whether you’re new to using video for social media, or a seasoned pro, we hope that you found these tips useful. If you would like more tips we would love to have you on our email list. Subscribe now!