Spring Clean Your Branding

Clean up your branding for Spring

There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned Spring clean. We like to have our house in order. It makes it easier to get through the hectic week if we know where to find things and there is a feeling of order. It is no different for your business.

When was the last time you took a look at your branding? Often a business may start with a brand and things evolve over time. This can mean that different versions of logos, fonts and colours are used.

Spring Clean Your Branding.

Take some time this Spring to pull all of your online and offline branded materials together and see if you have a consistent approach.

Consistency reinforces your branding and makes you appear more reputable.

Brand continuity takes your marketing to the next level.

Customers trust brands they recognise.

If you’ve pulled all of your branded materials together and you’ve noticed they’re not consistent – don’t panic! Take this opportunity to make the changes you need to. This could be updating all channels to the new versions you’ve started using, it might be reverting to the original branding or it might be time to create a new brand.

Once you’ve decided on your branding, creating brand guidelines can help to keep you on track. Brand guidelines should be shared with the business and details which logos should be used for different things, colour references and fonts. Together this information will help to keep the brand consistent.

Here are a few ideas…

– Check your website – is your header still relevant. Do you have a call to action above the fold? Is it easy for your customers to contact you?

– Stop by all of your social media platforms. Is your profile picture current? Are your cover images in line with the season? Take a look at your “About” and “Bio” sections are they up to date?

– Create some “Spring” messages that are relevant to your audience. Consider how you can share these. Watch out for our April content ideas blog for more inspiration.

We love great branding. A brand shouldn’t just represent what you do as a business but should give an insight into your business and what it stands for.

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