Social Media Content Ideas for February 2020

Content Marketing Ideas for February

The shortest month of the year can often be dominated by one event – Valentine’s Day – however, it’s not the whole story. There are plenty of other events to sink your social media hooks into, and here are just a few.

february content marketing ideas.

National Storytelling week kicks off the month, and it’s a lovely opportunity if you work with (or have) children. What stories do your children love? Where and how do you tell stories? Have you told the same story to all of your children, and how has it changed over the years? If you are a psychologist, teacher or therapist, you could discuss the importance of storytelling in development and language skills, or if you have a café you could hold a storytelling event, inviting local parents with little ones to come and share their stories. This would work well in your social channels, advertising the event or sharing stories on the day (maybe a video snippet).

Another child-related event in February is Children’s Mental Health Week, which starts on the 3rd during Storytelling week. Mental Health has become increasingly important in today’s society, and the importance of building resilience in children is super important. The theme for 2020 is Find your Brave and the hashtag #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek (they should have talked to us about hashtags!).

The first Sunday of the month (2nd) is Yorkshire Pudding day. Well, that’s yum and fun! Share your tip for fool-proof puddings, post photos of your puffed-up pudding or your flat-as-a-pancake disaster… they’re all great to share.

World Cancer Day takes place on the 4th, #IAmAndIWill. Their website has some materials you can download and personalise – take a look for some inspiration on incorporating it into your social conversation, if appropriate.

Mental Health is the topic for Time to Talk Day on the 6th, encouraging us all to make time for each other and talk. It’s followed by National Pizza Day on the 8th – do you know a local pizzeria that you would recommend, or put up a poll of favourite toppings… including the long-standing argument as to whether pineapple should be on a pizza!

Student volunteering week starts on the 10th. If you have a student volunteer, how about letting them have a takeover of your social media for a week? Make sure you go through your expectations with your volunteer first, however it could bring some different content and style to your social spaces (and we can all learn something new!).

Safer Internet Day focusses on working together for a better internet. Online safety is another huge hot topic, and making the internet a safe space for our children (and ourselves) is hugely important. Again, if your business is focussed around children, you can contribute to the conversation. And if your business isn’t, if it’s something you care about there will be plenty of content to re-share on the 11th.

Ahhhhh… Valentine’s Day… Love it or hate it, there are so many angles, opinions and opportunities to be involved in this conversation. Hold a ‘Roses are red…’ competition, asking your audience to write a poem, or share your favourite love songs in a Spotify list. Or your favourite hate songs, whatever your stance!

Random Act of Kindness week (16th-23rd) also contains RAK Day on 17th. Kindness can be small, light touches, and it’s one of those delicate balance awareness days – if you perform a RAK for the purpose of engaging people on social media, then is it really a RAK? However, thanking others for their RAKs is a lovely way to engage.

The 25th of February is Pancake Day /Shrove Tuesday. Run a quick ‘sweet or savoury?’ poll, or run a prize draw for a pancake pack in the week before including pancake ingredients and toppings – make sure you follow the rules of whatever platform you’re using, but it’s a nice way to engage and maybe gain a few new followers.

The short month of February is a whole day longer this year as 2020 is a leap year – which gives us the 29th February, traditionally known as Batchelor’s Day. It’s the day that women can propose to men (and if he refuses he has to buy her a silk gown). Given that it’s 2020, this is probably one of those traditions that will fade into history, however, there could still be some nice social content to be had – either by celebrating the tradition or by playing devil’s advocate. It’s entirely up to you!

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