How to get the most out of your event hashtag

What is an event hashtag?

We were extremely honoured to be asked to put together a social media plan for the team at Socially Shared for their Women In Business Conference.  The event was set to take place on Wednesday 8th March 2017 for International Women’s Day.

In the latter part of 2016, we sat with the team at Socially Shared and created a timetable of key dates, content that should be shared and Facebook adverts that we planned to run. Top of the list of discussions was which hashtag we should use for the event. We knew that International Women’s Day would already have a hashtag associated with it (#IWD2017) but what hashtag should we use for this event? After much debate, we decided to keep it simple and use a hashtag that would also benefit the business network.

We, therefore, chose #sociallyshared. This was then added to all marketing materials.

Socially Shared

Our role throughout the event was to act as social media agents, providing the attendees with social media updates and helping them with hints and tips. We convinced 4 businesses of the benefits of Twitter and they signed up to twitter and starting tweeting for the first time.

The highlight of the day for us has to be the fact that our chosen hashtag #sociallyshared was trending at number 8 in Twitter charts.  A fabulous achievement considering we were competing with International Women’s Day and The Budget 2017.

5 tips for getting your event hashtag to trend on Twitter 

Choose a good hashtag – don’t try to be too clever with your hashtag. We chose #sociallyshared because it is hashtag already used within the network and the thread will live on.

Check that you hashtag hasn’t been used before – lots of hashtags have been used before so just check yours to ensure nothing inappropriate has been used.

Get everyone at your event tweeting – at the start of your event take the time to explain how to connect to the wifi and how to tweet correctly. Then take every opportunity throughout the event to remind them to keep tweeting and connecting with each other.

Use a scheduling tool like Buffer to schedule posts in advance.  This will give you some freedom on the day to follow the hashtag.

Follow, like, retweet and tweet with people who are using the event hashtag.  What a fantastic way to network with people at the event and then maintain that connection long after the event has ended.

If you’d like to find out more about this event (Socially Shared Women In Business Conference) blogger and author Shelley Wilson has done a fantastic job of reviewing the day.

Confused by hashtags and Twitter? Let’s grab a cuppa and discuss how your business can get the most out of this social media platform.

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