Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist.

We’re nearing the end of the school holidays. Both of us have had plenty of time to rest, relax and reflect.  2017 has definitely been about putting ourselves out of our comfort zone.

As our business has grown we’ve been presented with opportunities that have pushed us out of our comfort zones.  We both knew these opportunities were important but it didn’t stop the self-doubt from creeping in.

We had the opportunity to speak at the Socially Shared Women in Business Conference in March and at #Covhourlive in June.  We felt nervous and scared, public speaking isn’t our thing!  Both of these opportunities helped us to gain wider exposure, aided our self-development and have built our business further.

Next on the list of scary things to do was video. Again something that was really out of our comfort zone but very necessary in our industry. Read more about our video here.

So 2 years on from our initial conversations about Piece of Cake Marketing, are we living the dream? Well, the dream for every one of us is different… for us, it has been about building a flexible, rewarding business around our young families.  It has been one hell of a ride so far.  We’ve continually put ourselves out of our comfort zones.  We’ve worked strange hours and we’ve continually learned from each other.  We’re incredibly proud of all that we’ve achieved so far. We’ll be raising a glass next week and then looking at our plan for the remainder of the year.

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If you’re thinking about starting something new here’s a few things we’d recommend…

  • Have a plan
  • Write your plan down
  • Review your plan regularly
  • Don’t be afraid to write a new plan
  • Always be prepared to put yourself out of your comfort zone

We will leave you with this quote…

‘Do one thing that scares you every day’ ~ Elenor Roosevelt 

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