5 Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Here is why you may want to consider using Instagram for your business…

Any business of any size can thrive.

The stories function within the platform can make it easier for people to relate to and get to know your business.

Hashtags can be used to increase your visibility.

It is a mobile thing! Instagram was created to be a mobile platform. An app that you can easily use from your phone.

This platform allows you to get creative and show your personality.

Instagram Post Ideas.

The main barriers that many business owners face is that they are potentially not great at taking photos or videos. But like everything… the more you practice and learn the better you become.

Instagram Post Ideas for Business

We have pulled together some ideas to help you create an awesome feed.

First, a top tip, try to think of your feed in a block of 6 or 9 pictures. When a potential client comes to look at your profile and feed what will they see?

Will you adopt a theme for every photo (you don’t have to) but it could make your profile stand out? Examples could be…

– every photo will have a white border

– colour pop theme

– top-down (eg every photo is taken from above)

– puzzle-grid like we have chosen below

Instagram Grid.

We tend to post 9 images across a month for our clients on Instagram depending on where it sits in their marketing strategy.

Instagram Post Ideas 

  1. Motivate your audience – motivational posts have their place if you have a business where this is part of what you do it can work well with your audience. A simple image made in Canva (If you’ve not checked Canva out yet, we highly recommend you go and have a play). Make sure the motivational quote has relevance to your audience and always try and tie it back to your business.
  2. Share content from followers – your customers are your biggest cheerleaders, share content they have posted about your products or services or testimonials they have given you.
  3. Behind the scenes – people love to see snippets from behind the scenes, it helps to build a relationship with your business and for the end customer to really get an understanding of your brand.
  4. Share a blog you have written – we often spend lots of time writing blogs and then we forget to take the opportunity to share them. Break the blogs down into snippets to share with a nice image.
  5. Share with people what you are working on – we often assume that people know what we do. Use every opportunity to show people what you are doing helps people to understand all the different facets of our business. Whether it is a project you have just finished, an order you’ve just posted or a new client you have just won.

TOP TIP: Remember to always take a picture, you never know when that might come in handy for your business.

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