3 Marketing Activities For Your Business

For many business owners, marketing is an ongoing daily activity. If you don’t show up on social media, people are likely to forget you exist. Whether it is a poster in your shop window or a post on your Facebook page it can feel like there are so many marketing activities you could be doing within your business. This is in addition to all the other things that come with running your own business. How do you know which marketing activities should be at the top of the to-do list? Which activities should you prioritise?

Email Marketing

Many people are cautious when it comes to email marketing. Surely that’s old hat. Who reads emails these days? The average professional spends 28% of their day in their email account. 

Your email list should be made up of previous, existing and potential clients. Depending on your business, you should look to contact your email list at least once per month. Just because someone doesn’t need your product or service this month doesn’t mean that they won’t need it next month. A regular email helps you to stay in the mind of your customer. You need to find a good balance when it comes to frequency and content.

> Think about a meaningful headline

> Keep the message focused

> Provide clear offers or actions

LinkedIn posting and connecting

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of personal branding and essentially YOU! It is so much more than a site where recruiters hang out and it is so much more than your online CV. Of all the social media platforms we believe that LinkedIn is one of the easiest to grow. Think about who your ideal customer is. Type that job title and area into LinkedIn a grow your connections. Share meaningful content and sales messages, showing up regularly and consistently. 

Get involved in conversations just as you would in person. 

> Use a recent profile picture – ensuring that the image is a headshot – long-distance photos don’t tend to stand out.

> Think about your headline – ditch the buzz words and make it clear what you do and who you can help.

> Pop 5 minutes in your diary each day to search for new connections and start posting.

Facebook adverts

When used in the right manner Facebook adverts can be incredibly powerful. They can help you to grow your audience on Facebook, allowing you to reach more people that may be interested in your product or service.

They are also incredibly powerful as a lead generator. Eg growing an email list, promoting an event or remarketing to an existing audience.

> Think carefully about what you want your advert to achieve.

> Use an image that doesn’t have too much text on it. > Track the advert daily, adjust and edit accordingly.

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