Social Media Content Ideas for April

April showers bring forth May flowers (Proverb)

We do hope so! And of course the weather will be unpredictable – there’s the Easter Holiday in April for the weather to mess with our plans! Expect the unexpected, take an umbrella with you everywhere and get prepared for the school holiday. With that in mind, let’s talk about content ideas for your social channels in April.


Content Ideas For Your Social Channels in April.

1st April – April Fools Day – love it or loathe it, it’s a chance to have some fun and do something creative. Can you think of a fantastical way your product could be used, and Photoshop an image or two to “promote” it? Don’t forget to have your reveal messages planned for the afternoon… you don’t want someone actually trying to buy it! (Check out Honda’s Fit Kit video from 2014 and The Independent’s 2018 roundup for some inspiration.)

April Social Media Content Ideas.

World Walk to Work day takes place on 5th April. How about a Facebook story on your walk to work or share how many steps you made?

17th is International Haiku Poetry Day – share your favourite, or start one and ask your audience to help you finish it.

Easter (19th-22nd) brings bunnies, eggs and holidays. Hide an ‘Easter Egg’ in your digital spaces and challenge your audience to find them. If you’re closing for the holiday, or just working altered hours, let your community know. Share things to do (for free!) with the kids in your locale, if appropriate.

Awareness raising for Stress, Bowel Cancer, Parkinson’s, Autism, Health, Safety and Health at Work and more take place during April. These kinds of awareness days may be important for you or your community and for those directly affected. If your business has applications in those issues, it’s important to build conversations around the topics and show your support.

The Queen’s birthday is on 21st April, and there’s also a Royal baby due sometime in April or early May – Meghan and Prince Harry’s first child is due so there could be fun ‘guess the sex/name/birth date’ type posts to be had.

The London Marathon takes place on 28th April – you may be taking part or know someone who is, so it’s a great opportunity to show your support. Or you could share your training journey, eating plan for the day to recover from the run?

Finally (and finally) the final season of Game of Thrones starts on 14th April. The phenomenal success of this series is incredible, and there are sweepstakes and games already circulating about what will happen. #ForTheThrone will surely be the hashtag of the year…

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